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13 Tons Coal Based Granular Activated Carbon to Peru

May 11, 2024
13 tons of coal granular activated carbon have been shipped to Tianjin port for shipment to Peru. It is widely used for wastewater treatment with well-developed pores and large surface area. It can remove heavy metals, organic pollutants, residual chlorine, etc., from wastewater.

Detailed Information of Granular Activated Carbon

HMG-BC™800 Granular Activated Carbon
Wastewater  Treatment
8x30 mesh
Iodine Number
800 mg/g
Ash Content
13 tons
25 kg/ bag
8x30 coal based granular activated carbon
13 tons coal based granular activated carbon to Peru-transport
13 tons coal based granular activated carbon to Peru-container

Huamei Coal Based Granular Activated Carbon

Good Solution to Wastewater Treatment

Coal granular activated carbon has been widely used in the water treatment industry in recent years. Because of its rich pore space and large specific surface area, it has good adsorption performance and can remove pollutants that are difficult to be removed by general biochemical treatment and physical and chemical treatment, such as COD.
During the communication with the customer, he asked for activated carbon with a long saturation cycle and a long life to try to save costs. Compared with other brands of activated carbon, Huamei coal granular activated carbon has better adsorption capacity and high strength, can withstand a certain amount of water flow and pressure in the wastewater treatment equipment, and the saturation cycle is long, which can help the customer to reduce the operating cost. That's because our factory is in the original coal production area, so we use high quality coal as raw material to produce activated carbon, thus it has excellent adsorption capacity in wastewater treatment.
If you have requirements for granular activated carbon for wastewater treatment, please fill out the form below and we will reply to you within 2 hours.

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