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26tons Coal Base Granular Activated Carbon To Jebel Ali

June 21, 2024

Good news to share with you! 26 tonnes of coal granular activated carbon for water treatment is being shipped to Vietnam. This is the customer's first order from Huamei Carbon! To win customer's trust, we focus on customers' real demands and provide fast delivery and good service to help customers have a problem-free purchase experience.

1. Huamei Coal Based Granular Activated Carbon For Water Treatment

Huamei coal/mineral activated carbon adopts high-quality bituminous coal. The HUAMEI activated carbon has the characteristics of high strength and low ash content, high hardness, high iodine number and dust free which receive good feedback from customers.

2. Customer Requirements :

1.It must be Virgin Activated Carbon for our Water Treatment project. The activated carbon is used for adsorption from water Stream and not air Stream
2.High adsorption capacity of BTEX, MAH, PAH, Phenols from our incoming water by Adsorption process inside Carbon Filters.
3.Coconut shell based activated carbon VS Coal based activated carbon, After comprehensive consideration, the customer chose the cost-effective coal-based activated carbon.
4.High hardness and dust free

3. Product Parameters:

Product: Coal granular activated carbon
Application: Water treatment
Size: 8x30mesh
Iodine: 950mg/g min
Moisture: 5% max
Features: High hardness and dust free
Packaging: 600 kg/ bag

If you have requirements for activated carbon for BTEX, MAH, PAH, Phenols removal from water, please fill out the form below and we will reply to you within 2 hours.


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