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40 Tons of Anthracite Filter Media to the Philippines

August 15, 2023
Good news to share with you! Our customer purchased 40 tons of anthracite filter media for municipal drinking water treatment from Huamei Activated Carbon Company. Currently, the activated carbon has been shipped from Tianjin Port on August 11th.

Information of 1-2mm Anthracite Filter Media to UAE

  • Product:  1-2mm anthracite filter media
  • Carbon content:  80%
  • Usage: Municipal drinking  Water treatment
  • Packaging:1000kg/jumbo bag
  • Destination:  Philippines
  • Production Cycle:  7 days
anthracite filter media-sample
Anthracite filter media-delivery
anthracite filter media-loding

Huamei Anthracite Filter Media

Our anthracite filter media not only effectively removes impurities and odours from water, but also significantly improves water quality and enhances the safety of drinking water. In addition, the customer's positively pointed out that compared with the previously purchased products, Hamei anthracite filter media has a lighter pile weight and better quality. In order to ensure the quality of the product, we strictly control every step in the production process. 
Besides, this time, before delivery, our manager went to the factory in person and conducted a comprehensive inspection of the goods. In the following video, you can clearly see our inspection and delivery process.
If you have such requirements or want to know more about activated carbon, please fill out the form. Huamei will give you great solutions.

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