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84 Tons of Activated Carbon for Gold Recovery to Egypt

November 22, 2023
On November 13th, 84 tons of 6x12 mesh coconut shell activated carbon has been shipped to Egypt from the Tianjin Port. The Egyptian customer purchased granular activated carbon for gold recovery in the mining.

Detailed Information of Activated Carbon for Gold Recovery

Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon
Gold Recovery
6x12 mesh
Iodine Value
Ash Content
84 tons
550 kg/jumbo bag
coconut shell charcoal
activated carbon for gold recovery to egypt
packaging- activated carbon for gold recovery to egypt

Huamei Activated Carbon for Gold Recovery

Huamei Company has developed a series of activated carbon for gold recovery, including HMGOLD™6000, HMGOLD™7000, HMGOLD™7500, and HMGOLD™Plus. They are coconut shell granular activated carbon specially designed for gold extraction. Our production technicians are constantly refining the production process, controlling each production step, from material selection to production process, in order to produce high quality activated carbon for gold recovery. Therefore, our activated carbon has good absorption capacity, low ash, good wear resistance, and low attrition, which are widely used for gold extraction in Carbon in Leach(CIL), Carbon in Pulp(CIP), and Carbon in Column circuits(CIC).
Special-Activated Carbon for Gold Recovery
If you are in the ming industry and have requirements for activated carbon, please fill out the form below and we will reply to you within 2 hours.

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