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Activated Carbon for Cat Litter

April 8, 2024
Activated carbon is an adsorbent material with well-developed pores. It has excellent adsorption capacity and can effectively remove odors and impurities. Therefore, it can be used to make cat litter additives, which can help reduce odors in the litter box and reduce the spread of odors.

Role of Activated Carbon in Cat Litter

The porous structure of activated carbon gives it a large surface area, providing a large number of adsorption sites, which makes it show good adsorption capacity in odor removal and can keep the cat litter box fresh.
The well-developed pores and hydrophilicity of activated carbon allow it to adsorb water molecules in the air to regulate the humidity in the air, helping to keep the litter dry to reduce the growth of mold and bacteria, which in turn reduces the odor of the litter.
Activated carbon for cat litter is made of natural raw materials, formed through a series of processes such as carbonization and activation, without adding any chemical substances, has a certain degree of environmental protection, safe and harmless, will not cause harm to the health of cats.

Suitable Activated Carbon for Cat Litter

It is important to choose the right activated carbon for use in cat litter additives. How to choose the right activated carbon?
  • Adsorption Capacity: Different types of activated carbon have different pore structures and adsorption capacities. Choosing the right activated carbon can ensure that it can effectively adsorb odors, smells, and humidity in the cat litter, keeping the litter box clean and dry.
  • Low Dust: Highly dusty activated carbon may adversely affect your cat's respiratory system. Choosing a low-dust one will reduce this risk and protect your cat's respiratory health.
  • Safety: Activated carbon containing chemicals may harm your cat's health. Activated carbon with high carbon content and no chemical additives will not negatively affect your cat's health.
  • Environmentally friendly: Activated carbon made from natural raw materials has good environmental friendliness and can reduce environmental impact.
Notice: High-quality activated carbon ensures that its adsorption effect is long-lasting and not easily saturated, which can reduce the frequency of replacing cat litter and save costs.

Huamei Activated Carbon for Cat Litter

Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon

8x30 Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon
8x30 mesh
Iodine Number
1000 mg/g(min.)
Ash Content
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