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6-12 mesh coconut activated carbon for gold recovery

Activated carbon for gold recovery

  • Coconut shell steam activated carbon
  • 6-12/ 8-16 uss mesh size
  • CTC(%): 55/60
  • Packing: 25kg / bag - 20 bags / pallet
  • Application: Gold adsorption in gold mining (CIP/CIL/CIC)

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Coconut shell steam activated carbon is made of high quality coconut shell as raw material through carbonization and activation processing, with high hardness and wear resistance, its adsorption is the choice for removing water, solution, air and various gas phase pollutants. Among them, 6*12mesh and 8*16mesh coconut shell granular carbon are commonly used in gold adsorption by carbon-in-pulp (CIP)/carbon-in-leach (CIL) systems on gold mines.

Typical characteristics of huamei activated carbon for gold recovery

Typical characteristics of huamei activated carbon for gold recovery

We provide activated carbon products for various industrial production applications. Gold Recovery Activated Carbon is our special product with many advantages to meet the needs of our customers:

  • Polished with a special process, no edges, no need for customers to pre-grind;
  • High hardness, reduce gold loss;
  • Large adsorption capacity, strong gold absorption ability.

Choosing the right gold activated carbon supplier

We use our 20+ years of production and trading experience to help advise customers and deliver the right products and services for the right application. We have customers in African and South American markets, such as Ghana, Libya, Burkina Faso, Sudan, Venezuela, Tasmania and a dozen other countries.

  1. Support for small number of trial orders;
  2. Support free sample test;
  3. Long-term stable supply;
  4. Continuous optimization of production processes and costs;
  5. Diverse customization services (product quality, packaging, etc.)

For price inquiries or any questions, please feel free to contact us on WhatsApp (0086 13223043679), or fill out the enquiry form.

  • 25 kg bags on pallets
  • We can also customize the packaging or print the customer's brand on the bags

Huamei Activated Carbon SGS Test Report

In the gold refining process, activated carbon is usually used as an adsorbent, which can adsorb metal ions and organic substances, with the advantages of high efficiency, economy, and environmental protection.

We all know that the specific gravity of activated carbon is an important characteristic that affects its performance in a variety of applications, and SGS test results can help determine the quality and suitability of activated carbon for a particular application. The picture below shows our samples, and the SGS test report on the right image is about the sample of Huamei Gold Carbon. If you want to know more about activated carbon, please contact us and HuaMei will provide you with free samples and perfect services.

6-12 mesh coconut activated carbon for gold recovery
Gold Charcoal Of SGS Test-Report

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