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Activated Carbon for Range Hood Filters

March 15, 2024
Smoke and odor from the kitchen not only affect the freshness of the air but also harm the human body if breathed in for a long period. To provide people with a comfortable dining environment, hoods are becoming increasingly common, which effectively purify the kitchen of fumes and odors using exhaust and filtration. To ensure the filtration effect of the hood, many manufacturers choose to use activated carbon filters, depending on the fact that activated carbon has a porous structure and a strong adsorption capacity, which can leave unpleasant molecules from the cooking process behind.
kitchen hoods filter
kitchen hoods filter
kitchen hoods filter

Pellet Activated Carbon for Hood Filters

Among the many filter materials, activated carbon has excellent adsorption ability and can effectively adsorb harmful substances and odours in the oil smoke. In addition, activated carbon has good high temperature resistance and can be used under the high temperature of the hood.
In hood filtration, customers usually use pellet activated carbon. Pellet activated carbon is rich in pores, providing a large surface area that allows harmful gases and odours to adhere to the adsorption sites of the activated carbon as they pass through the activated carbon filter, preventing smoke and odours from filling the kitchen.
Pellet activated carbon can be used in the following three common types of hood filters, including domestic kitchen hoods and commercial kitchen hood filters.
range hood filters-pan
range hood filters-mesh
range hood filters-cartridge

Huamei Pellet Activated Carbon for Hood Filters

Huamei Company produces a range of pellet activated carbon for use in hood cartridges. Our activated carbon is made from high quality coal and processed through grinding, extrusion, carbonisation and activation to form pellet activated carbon with diameters of 4mm and 5mm. After the activation process, the pores of the pellet activated carbon are opened, providing a huge surface area with an extremely strong adsorption capacity. Its cylindrical form is easy to put into hood cartridges, providing greater surface area and higher adsorption efficiency.
Pellet Activated Carbon for VOC Removal
4mm, 5mm
Ash Content
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