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Top 5 Gold Refining Activated Carbon Brands

junio 14, 2024

Activated carbon is a crucial material in the gold refining industry, used primarily for the adsorption of gold cyanide complexes in the gold recovery process. Here are five well-regarded brands that produce high-quality activated carbon for gold refining:

1. Jacobi Carbons

•Product Line: GoldSorb/PICAGOLD
•Overview: Jacobi Carbons is known for its high-quality activated carbon products, specifically designed for the gold mining industry. The GoldSorb and PICAGOLD series offer high adsorption capacity, hardness, and low attrition loss.
•Key Features: Excellent gold recovery, consistent quality, high surface area, and expensive.

2. Haycarb PLC

•Product Line: Gold Carbon
•Overview: Haycarb is a global producer of activated carbon, offering a range of products for gold recovery applications. Their gold carbon series is known for its superior performance and durability.
•Key Features: High gold adsorption capacity, strong abrasion resistance, and high hardness.

3. Row Carbon

•Product Line: RC65 6x12 , RC65 8x16, RC265S
•Overview: Rowfer Ltd. specializes in providing services to mining companies in the form of products and consultation. They take pride in our Activated Carbon brand "RowCarbon" as a major player within African mines and water stations.
•Key Features: High gold loading capacity, minimal carbon loss, and effective recovery process.

4. Chemviron/CalgonCarbon

•Product Line: Gold Plus / DG11 & DG13
•Overview: Their activated carbon products for precious metal recovery accomplish your goal of achieving maximum profits by reducing loss and improving yield.
•Key Features: High purity, excellent mechanical strength, and efficient gold recovery.

5. Huamei Activated Carbon

•Product Line: HM-GOLD Series
•Overview: Carbón activado Huamei is a high quality Chinese activated carbon manufacturer, which is rapidly opening up the international market with its excellent production capacity and product quality, and it is the mission of Huamei Activated Carbon to provide the quality that customers can trust and the price that customers can make money.
•Key Features: High adsorption capacity, robust physical properties, and cost-effectiveness.

Key Considerations When Choosing Activated Carbon for Gold Refining:

•Adsorption Capacity: The ability of the carbon to adsorb gold cyanide complexes.
•Hardness and Attrition Resistance: To withstand the mechanical stresses during the gold recovery process.
•Pore Size Distribution: To ensure efficient adsorption of gold complexes.
•Purity: To avoid contamination of the gold recovery process.
•Regeneration Ability: The capacity to be regenerated and reused without significant loss of performance.

These brands are recognized for their consistent quality and performance in the gold refining industry, providing reliable solutions for maximizing gold recovery efficiency.



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