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Charbon actif en granulés à base de charbon vers l'Allemagne

29 mars 2023
Good news to share with you! Huamei coal-based pellet activated carbon has shipped to Germany smoothly. The customer from Germany wants to buy activated carbon to remove hydrogen sulfide from wastewater. In treating hydrogen sulfide in wastewater, activated carbon is often used as a filtration material, where the wastewater flows throughan activated carbon filter bed and the hydrogen sulfide is adsorbed onto the surface of the activated carbon, thereby purifying the wastewater.

Detailed Information Of Coal Based Pellet activated carbon

The customer from Germany purchase 66 ton coal based pellet activated carbon from Huamei. His requirements are as follows:
  • Size: 4mm
  • Specification: CTC60
  • Product: Pellet activated carbon
  • Usage: Removal of hydrogen sulfide from wastewater
  • Production cycle: 12 days

Video Of Coal Based Pellet Activated Carbon Test

In order to ensure the quality of activated carbon, we have carried out a strict inspection of this shipment, including the packaging, quantity, appearance, color, shape, and size of activated carbon in detail. We have also sent the samples to a third party for inspection, and the inspection results met the customer's specification requirements. The video shows the process of inspection in our factory.
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