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HME-C™80 Pellet Activated Carbon for Solvent Recovery

HME-C™80 Pellet Activated Carbon

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon for Solvent Recovery

HME-C™80 is super-active pellet activated carbon which is made from virgin coconut shell compressed into the cylinder with diameter 4mm on production. It is particularly hard and resistant to mechanical breakdown due to the unique binding and extrusion process used in its manufacture.
coal based pellet activated carbon


  • Excellent Hardness and Strength
  • Enhanced Pore Structure
  • High Activity
  • Stringent Dust Removal Measures
  • Longer Absorption Cycles


  • Adhesive Tape Factory
  • Rotogravure Printing
  • Cellulose Fiber Production
  • Solvent Degreasing
  • Wallpaper Production
  • Natural Gas Purification
  • Pressure Swing Absorption
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HME-C™80 Pellet Activated Carbon Specifications

coconut shell pellet activated carbon
Available Size
Moisture Content
Total Ash Content
Max. 8%
Ball-pan Hardness
Min. 97%
Apparent Density
375-405 kg/m³

HME-C™80 Pellet Activated Carbon Packaging

Huamei Company can provide you with customized packagings according to your requirements.
  • 25kg/bag
  • 500kg/jumbo bag
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Packaging-HM 25kg bag Activated Carbon
Packaging-25 kg bag Activated Carbon
Packaging-500kg jumbo bag Activated Carbon

HME-C™80 Pellet Activated Carbon Case

HME-C™80 Pellet Activated Carbon Case

HME-C™80 Activated Carbon to Italy

Product: 4mm Pellet Activated Carbon
Port: Ancona
Shipment Date: 2023.12.16
Requirements: CTC80%; Hardness 98%
Order Quantity: 20tons
Packing: 500kg/jumbo bag with pallet
Production Cycle: 10 days
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