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HMP-B™F30 Powder Activated Carbon for Incineration

HMP-B™F30 Powder Activated Carbon

Powder Activated Carbon for Waste Incineration

HMP-B™F30 is a kind of 200 mesh coal based powder activated carbon, which is made of high quality virgin coal. This kind of power activated carbon is specially designed for dioxin adsorption in waste incineration plants. It also has excellent pore structure and large surface area, which can provide good absorption performance on waste incineration.
coal based powder activated carbon


  • High Macroporous Structure
  • High Activity
  • Optimal adsorption speed
  • Swift contaminant penetration
  • Efficient elimination of heavy metals


  • Municipal waste power plants
  • Medical waste incinerators
  • Hazardous waste incineration
  • Coal-fired power plants
  • Thermal soil remediation facilities
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HMP-B™F30 Powder Activated Carbon Specifications

Available Size
200mesh, 325mesh
Surface Area
Min. 800㎡/g
Iodine Number
Max. 5%
Bulk Density

HMP-B™F30 Powder Activated Carbon Packaging

Huamei Company can provide you with customized packagings according to your requirements.
  • 25kg/bag
  • 500kg/jumbo bag
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Packaging-HM 25kg bag Activated Carbon
Packaging-25 kg bag Activated Carbon
Packaging-500kg jumbo bag Activated Carbon

HMP-B™F30 Powder Activated Carbon Case

HMP-B™F30 Powder Activated Carbon to Norway

HMP-B™F30 Powder Activated Carbon to Norway

Product: 200mesh Powder Activated Carbon
Port: Haugesund
Shipment Date: 2024.1.16
Requirements: Iodine Number850mg/g
Order Quantity: 26tons
Packing: 25kg/bag with pallet
Production Cycle: 10 days
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