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Carbone attivato per la cattura di CO₂

20 maggio 2023
Carbone attivo is a porous material with a large number of tiny pore channels and surface area and can therefore be used for carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and adsorption. The following is a general process of how activated carbon can be used for CO2 capture:
Selecting the right activated carbon: Choose an activated carbon material with a high specific surface area and a suitable pore size in order to increase the adsorption capacity of the activated carbon for carbon dioxide.
Pre-treated activated carbon: To improve the absorption performance of activated carbon, pretreatment, such as heat treatment or chemical treatment, can be carried out to remove surface impurities and improve pore accessibility.
Absorption process: By bringing carbon dioxide gas into contact with activated carbon, the carbon dioxide molecules will enter the micro and mesopores of the activated carbon by physical or chemical adsorption. The large surface area and pore structure of activated carbon provide more adsorption sites.
Adsorption equilibrium: Under certain conditions of temperature and pressure, adsorption equilibrium is established between the activated carbon and carbon dioxide. This means that the adsorption and desorption rates on the surface of the activated carbon are equal, creating a stable state of adsorption.
Regeneration process: When the activated carbon reaches saturation, it must be regenerated to release and recover the adsorbed carbon dioxide. Regeneration can be done by lowering the temperature, reducing the pressure, or applying other appropriate methods.
It is important to note that the adsorption capacity of activated carbon is limited and therefore in large-scale applications, it is necessary to consider factors such as adsorption capacity, regeneration energy consumption, and economic viability of the activated carbon. In addition, the use of activated carbon requires consideration of parameters such as flow rate, pressure, and temperature of the treated exhaust gas, and a combination of other techniques and equipment to achieve efficient CO2 capture.
Huamei Company offers you a special activated carbon for CO2 capture with a specific surface area of >1800m2/g. If you have a requirement in this area, please contact us.


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