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Partecipare alla fiera del carbone attivo: Rivelare le tendenze del mercato e promuovere le relazioni commerciali

4 aprile 2023
The 3rd China (Guangzhou) International Activated Carbon Industry Chain and Application Exhibition will be held on March 29-31, 2023 at Guangzhou Pazhou International Procurement Center. The theme of the exhibition is to promote the deep integration of the activated carbon industry, academia, research, and application, and create an innovative carrier for industrial application. Lydia represented all the staff of Huamei Company attending the activated carbon exhibition.

Purpose of Attending the Exhibition

Lydia, manager of Huamei Activated Carbon Company, attended the exhibition to learn about new developments in the activated carbon field, and network with other industry professionals.
  1. Exhibitions are an effective channel to develop new customers, who can get to know our company visually and get close to the activated carbon products to increase the chances of making a deal.
  2. Get the latest market information: There are excellent peers in this exhibition for activated carbon market analysis as well as research and analysis of new materials of activated carbon, and exchange with excellent peers to get the latest market demand as well as product technical knowledge.

Benefits of Attending the Exhibition

Attending activated carbon trade shows is an excellent way for our company to showcase our products, learn about new developments, network with industry professionals, build brand awareness, and maintain a competitive edge.
  1. Showcasing products: Trade shows are an excellent platform to showcase our products and services to potential customers. Lydia's participation in activated carbon trade shows provides an opportunity to showcase the company's products and services in a professional environment. This allows us to increase our sales and brand awareness.
  2. Understanding new developments: Activated carbon is a fast-growing industry. Attending trade shows is a great way to learn about the latest trends, technologies, and research in the field. By attending activated carbon trade shows, Lydia gains new insight and ideas that can be used to improve products and services.
  3. Establishing connections: Communication is an important part of doing business, and trade shows are a great opportunity to connect with other industry professionals. By attending an activated carbon trade show, company representatives can meet with potential customers, suppliers, and partners. Attending the show alone brings new business opportunities and cooperation.

Gain of Attending the Exhibition

Lydia has a great experience after this exhibition. There she got many chances to learn about activated carbon and communicate with professionals.
  1. She developed some new customers and met some old customers, which enhanced the trust between each other.
  2. Through the analysis of excellent peers, she has a deeper understanding of the application of plant-based activated carbon in VOC treatment than before. In VOC adsorption, the percentage of microporous volume has a greater impact on VOC adsorption. Therefore, in VOC treatment, carbon with a relatively developed microporous solvent should be preferred.
  3. Through participating in this exhibition, we learned more activated carbon market information, activated carbon frontier information, and more advanced activated carbon production and application technology.


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