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4 avril 2023
A wonderful visit tour to share with you. Last week, Mia and Anna, sales manager of Huamei Activated Carbon Company guided a customer at the China Branch representing our client from Lebanon to visit and review our activated carbon factory in Ningxia. The customer wants to purchase 56 tons of pellet activated carbon for landfill gas treatment.

Brief introduction of Huamei Activated Carbon Factory

Firstly, our managers made a brief verbal introduction of our factory in the office, which was established in Ningxia in 2001. And we have 20 years of expertise in activated carbon manufacturing. Our factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters and our annual output is 10,000 tons.

Visiting the Production Equipment And Process

Secondly, our managers and staff took the customer on a visit tour of our production workshop and showed him the production process of our activated carbon products, including granular, pellet and powder activated carbon. In the whole process, our staff explained the details and importance of each production step to him.

Checking the Testing Equipment and Records

Then, they encompassed the customer to the laboratory to check the testing equipment and records. He was interested in our testing items, such as raw material testing, carbonization testing, activation material testing and finishing products testing, etc. After knowing testing items of Huamei activated carbon, the customer noticed that we are a manufacturer with very strict quality control of activated carbon.

Question and Answer Session

After checking the testing equipment and records, we showed the customer the corresponding qualifications of our activated carbon factory and answered his questions on various aspects of production and orders. After that, the customer also had a certain understanding and assessment of Huamei Activated Carbon Company, which laid the basis for our cooperation afterwards.


After the visit, the customers have a certain understanding of the qualifications, production, testing and other aspects of Huamei Activated Carbon Company. What customers are concerned about is how we control the quality and what advantages we have. In terms of quality, we select and use raw materials strictly, then our workers strictly follow the process to operate the production equipment according to customer needs in the production process, and the end products will be checked by our staff and sent to the testing laboratory for inspection of the indicators. Importantly, our factory is not far from the origin of raw materials. Therefore, most of our customers think highly of the quality of our activated carbon. If you want you know more about Huamei Activated Carbon, please contact us. Waiting for you!
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