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Июнь 14, 2024
Top 5 Gold Refining Activated Carbon Brands

Huamei Activated Carbon is a high quality Chinese activated carbon manufacturer, which is rapidly opening up the international market with its excellent production capacity and product quality.

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Июнь 9, 2024
13 Tons Activated Carbon For Gold Recovery Delivery To Vietnam

Good news to share with you! 13 tonnes of coconut shell granular activated carbon for gold recovery is being shipped to Vietnam.

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Июнь 7, 2024
Exhibition Review: Shanghai International Water Fair 2024 Was a Great Success

From 3 June to 5 June 2024, Huamei activated carbon company participated in the International Water Exhibition in Shanghai.

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Июнь 7, 2024
28 Tons Coal Based Pellet Activated Carbon Impregnated with KOH to Istanbul for H2S removal from Biogas

Good news to share with you! 28 tonnes of coal-based pellet activated carbon impregnated with KOH is being shipped to Istanbul by sea.

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Июнь 4, 2024
Exhibitions Suitable For Activated Carbon

In this article, Huamei Activated Carbon will introduce you to what international exhibitions are suitable for all kinds of activated carbon.

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Май 25, 2024
3 Points of Attention for Loading and Unloading Activated Carbon

Prepare the Tank: Ensure that the activated carbon tank is clean, dry, and free from any contaminants or debris.

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