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17.5 Tons Coal Based Pellet Activated Carbon to Iran for VOC (Styrene)

Май 24, 2024
Good news to share with you! 17.5 tonnes of coal-based columnar activated carbon is being shipped to Iran by sea. The Iranian customer purchased pellet activated carbon for styrene removal. Columnar activated carbon has well-developed mesopores and a large specific surface area, which is widely used in air purification and gas purification.

Detailed Information of Pellet Activated Carbon

Product HME-AC™60 Pellet Activated Carbon
Application Styrene removal
Size 4MM
CTC 60%
Ash Content 12%
Moisture 3%
Quantity 17.5MT
Packaging 500 kg/ bag
Destination Iran
HME-AC™60 Pellet Activated Carbon
Styrene removal
Содержание золы
500 kg/ bag
Место назначения

Huamei coal based pellet activated carbon

Good Solution to VOC (Styrene) removal from air before venting to atmosphere

The following is the customer's project design, the customer asked us to calculate the activated carbon dosage and design the tank size according to their project design data, under the guidance of HUAMEI's professional engineers, we successfully calculated the reasonable activated carbon dosage for the customer as well as recommending the appropriate size of the carbon tank, and giving professional loading guidance.


4.1 Performance of the unit

Each row of activated carbon drums shall be sized for the following flowrate
Operating flowrate: 1080 Nm3/h
Design flowrate: 1188 Nm3/h

4.2 Fluid characteristics / Physical and chemical data

Composition: air / styrene
Max VOC concentration: styrene 3.5 gr/Nm3
MW styrene: 104.2 kmol/kg
Operating pressure: Atm (norm) / 0.07 barg max operating / 0.1 bar g (max in case
of upset)
Design pressure: 0.1 barg
Operating temperature: Amb
Design temperature: 85°C
Max ΔP: 0.02 bar (at design flowrate)
Risk phrases: R10 (Flammable), R20 (Harmful by inhalation), R36/38 (Irritat. for
eyes and skin)
Classification as per NFPA 704
Health Hazard Classification: 2
Fire Hazard Classification: 3
Reactivity Hazard Classification: 2
Material : Vendor’s standard

If you have requirements for pellet activated carbon for VOC removal, please fill out the form below and we will reply to you within 2 hours.

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