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28 Tonnes Of Activated Carbon For Landfill Gas Purification Sent To Lebanon

Temmuz 11, 2024

Good news! 28 tonnes of activated carbon for landfill gas purification shipped to Lebanon. This customer has been cooperating with Huamei Activated Carbon for 2 years! The customer had many other choices but still chose us because he believed in our quality and service.

1. Landfill Gas Treatment Of Special Huamei Coal Column Activated Carbon

Huamei Coal Activated Carbon adopts high quality anthracite as raw material, which has the characteristics of high strength, high adsorption capacity, low ash content, low dust content, etc. It has significant adsorption effect on hydrogen sulphide, siloxane and other gases in landfill gas.

2. Customer Parameters

Product: Coal Column Activated Carbon
Use: Landfill gas purification
Size: 4mm diameter
CTC: 50 %
Moisture: 8%
max Ash: 12% max
Features: Pure Anthracite Coal based activated carbon .
Packing: 637 kg/bag

3. Customer Requirements

The quality is consistent with the quality of last year's order, with a customised 1.2m high jumbo bag so that it can hold 637kg. This ensures that one container can hold all 28 tonnes.


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