Empresa de carvão ativado Huamei

Activated carbon is a crucial material in the gold refining industry, used primarily for the adsorption of gold cyanide complexes in the gold recovery process. Here are five well-regarded brands that produce high-quality activated carbon for gold refining:

1. Jacobi Carbons

•Product Line: GoldSorb/PICAGOLD
•Overview: Jacobi Carbons is known for its high-quality activated carbon products, specifically designed for the gold mining industry. The GoldSorb and PICAGOLD series offer high adsorption capacity, hardness, and low attrition loss.
•Key Features: Excellent gold recovery, consistent quality, high surface area, and expensive.

2. Haycarb PLC

•Product Line: Gold Carbon
•Overview: Haycarb is a global producer of activated carbon, offering a range of products for gold recovery applications. Their gold carbon series is known for its superior performance and durability.
•Key Features: High gold adsorption capacity, strong abrasion resistance, and high hardness.

3. Row Carbon

•Product Line: RC65 6x12 , RC65 8x16, RC265S
•Overview: Rowfer Ltd. specializes in providing services to mining companies in the form of products and consultation. They take pride in our Activated Carbon brand "RowCarbon" as a major player within African mines and water stations.
•Key Features: High gold loading capacity, minimal carbon loss, and effective recovery process.

4. Chemviron/CalgonCarbon

•Product Line: Gold Plus / DG11 & DG13
•Overview: Their activated carbon products for precious metal recovery accomplish your goal of achieving maximum profits by reducing loss and improving yield.
•Key Features: High purity, excellent mechanical strength, and efficient gold recovery.

5. Huamei Activated Carbon

•Product Line: HM-GOLD Series
•Overview: Carvão activado Huamei is a high quality Chinese activated carbon manufacturer, which is rapidly opening up the international market with its excellent production capacity and product quality, and it is the mission of Huamei Activated Carbon to provide the quality that customers can trust and the price that customers can make money.
•Key Features: High adsorption capacity, robust physical properties, and cost-effectiveness.

Key Considerations When Choosing Activated Carbon for Gold Refining:

•Adsorption Capacity: The ability of the carbon to adsorb gold cyanide complexes.
•Hardness and Attrition Resistance: To withstand the mechanical stresses during the gold recovery process.
•Pore Size Distribution: To ensure efficient adsorption of gold complexes.
•Purity: To avoid contamination of the gold recovery process.
•Regeneration Ability: The capacity to be regenerated and reused without significant loss of performance.

These brands are recognized for their consistent quality and performance in the gold refining industry, providing reliable solutions for maximizing gold recovery efficiency.

Good news to share with you! 13 tonnes of coconut shell granular activated carbon for gold recovery is being shipped to Vietnam. This is the customer's first order from Huamei Carbon! To win customer's trust, we focus on customers' real demands and provide fast delivery and good service to help customers have a problem-free purchase experience.

Huamei Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon For Gold Recovery

Huamei coconut shell activated carbon adopts high-quality coconut shell raw materials. The production of activated carbon has a low ash content, high strength, high CTC, high rate of gold absorption and so on, which is very popular among customers.

Customer concern :
1.Important in retrieving gold! And during that burning process, the recovery has to be easy.
2.Iodine number must be greater than 1100mg/g.

Our coconut activated carbon is perfectly suited to the needs of our customers.

Produto: gold activated carbon
Aplicação: Recuperação de ouro
Size: 6x12mesh
Iodo: 1100mg/g min
Embalagem: 25 kg/ bag
Destino: Haiphong

If you have requirements for activated carbon for gold recovery, please fill out the form below and we will reply to you within 2 hours.

From 3 June to 5 June 2024, Empresa de carvão ativado Huamei participated in the International Water Exhibition in Shanghai. This fair is a great event for the water treatment industry, bringing together manufacturers of water filter cartridges, activated carbon, and other water treatment materials from all over the world.

Huamei Activated Carbon Application Areas

The main product areas include activated carbon for water treatment, activated carbon for gold refining, food grade activated carbon, activated carbon for air purification, water treatment technology, wastewater treatment and drainage systems, industrial water treatment, and more!

Huamei's Activated Carbon Products Are Widely Praised

During the 3-day exhibition, our company displayed our high-quality activated carbon products, which received wide attention and favorable comments from customers from different countries and regions due to the excellent performance and good price of our carbon. During the exhibition, we had in-depth communication with many water treatment cartridge manufacturers and water treatment material manufacturers to discuss industry trends and technological innovations.

Huamei Professional Sales Team

Our professional sales team patiently answered all questions from customers and introduced the advantages and application areas of our act

ivated carbon in detail. Through face-to-face communication, we not only enhanced our customers' understanding of our products but also established good cooperation intentions.

we also had business meetings with several customers and had dinner together. This not only deepened the relationship between us and our customers but also laid the foundation for future cooperation. We expect to continue to participate in future fairs to further enhance our market competitiveness and provide our customers with better-quality products and services.

If you have requirements for activated carbon, please fill out the form below and we will reply to you within 2 hours.

Good news to share with you! 28 tonnes of coal-based Pellet activated carbon impregnated with KOH is being shipped to Istanbul by sea. This is the customer's eighth return order! The Turkish customer purchased pellet-activated carbon-impregnated KOH for h2s removal. The activated carbon impregnated with KOH can fully react with H2S and improve the adsorption capacity of activated carbon for hydrogen sulfide.

Detailed Information of Pellet Activated Carbon Impregnated KOH

Produto: HMKOH450 Pellet Activated Carbon
Aplicação: H2S ( hydrogen sulphide) removal
Size: 4MM
CTC: 50%
Humidade: 12-15% after imprengation
KOH content: 7% after imprengation
Quantity: 28MT
Embalagem: 25 kg/ bag
Destino: Turquia

Huamei coal based pellet activated carbon

Good Solution to H2S(hydrogen sulfide) Removal from Biogas

Customer concerns:

1. Why is the moisture of this carvão ativado as high as 12% or more? Because this activated carbon impregnated with potassium hydroxide solution is rich in certain moisture and cannot be dried, because potassium hydroxide is a flammable substance, and it will be easy to spontaneous combustion when it comes into contact with oxygen. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the moisture is more than 12% to be safe.

2. The service life of activated carbon is judged according to the capacity of adsorption of hydrogen sulfide. There are two ways to test the capacity of adsorption of hydrogen sulfide by activated carbon, one is the penetrating sulfur capacity and the other is the saturated sulfur capacity. Usually, the penetration capacity is more informative, and Chem-Trend supports third-party testing organizations to test the penetration capacity. You can order with confidence.

If you have requirements for pellet-activated carbon for H2S removal, please fill out the form below and we will reply to you within 2 hours.

Aquatech China

Shanghai International Water Exhibition, the full name of is “Shanghai International Water Treatment Exhibition” (Aquatech China), is Asia's largest and most influential one of the water treatment industry exhibitions. Here is some key information about the exhibition:

Scope of Exhibits & Main Fields

Activated carbon: powder-activated carbon, granular activated carbon, column-activated carbon
Water treatment technology and equipment: sewage treatment equipment, drinking water treatment systems, etc.
Membrane and filtration: membrane materials, filtration technology and equipment.

Date: 3rd to 5th June every year
Address: No.333, Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai, China

IFAT Munich

IFAT Munich is the world's leading trade fair for the environmental technology and water treatment industry.

Scope of Exhibits & Main Fields

Activated carbon, water, sewage, waste, and raw material management.

Date: In May of every two year

Iran International Water & Wastewater Exhibition

Iran International Water & Wastewater Exhibition is one of the largest exhibitions in Iran for the water and wastewater treatment industry. Here is some key information about the exhibition:

Scope of Exhibits & Main Fields

Activated carbon: coal-based activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon for various drinking water sewage treatment
Water treatment equipment: filters, membrane treatment equipment, etc.
Wastewater treatment technology: biological treatment, chemical treatment, physical treatment technology, etc.

Date: 14-17 November each year
Address: Tehran International Exhibition Centre, Iran

Pollutec Lyon

Pollutec Lyon is one of the largest environmental and energy technology exhibitions in Europe, dedicated to showcasing and promoting the latest environmental technologies and solutions. Here are some details about the exhibition

Scope of Exhibits & Main Fields

Activated Carbon: Activated Carbon for water treatment, Activated Carbon for gas purification, Activated Carbon for VOCs treatment.
Water treatment: wastewater treatment equipment, drinking water management, waste management, recycling programs, etc.
Soil and groundwater remediation: soil pollution management, groundwater remediation technology.

Date: 26-27 November every two year
Address: Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles - Hall 1


Ecomondo, Rimini, Italy, is one of Europe's leading green technology exhibitions, covering a wide range of sectors including environment, energy, and water management.

Scope of Exhibits & Main Fields

Activated carbon for water treatment, activated carbon for biogas treatment, activated carbon for solvent recovery
Water treatment, solid waste treatment, waste recycling, soil remediation, renewable energy technologies, and equipment such as solar, wind, biomass, etc.

Date: 5-8 November every two year
Address: Rimini Exhibition Centre, Italy

Aquatech Amsterdam

Aquatech Amsterdam is one of the world's most important exhibitions specialising in water treatment and water technology. It is held every two years in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Scope of Exhibits & Main Fields

Activated carbon, activated carbon for condensate and boiler water treatment, activated carbon for waste treatment
Water treatment technologies, water quality monitoring and control, wastewater treatment and drainage systems, industrial water treatment

Date: In November every two year
Address: RAI International Exhibition Centre, Amsterdam

Filling the Activated Carbon Tank:

Prepare the Tank: Ensure that the activated carbon tank is clean, dry, and free from any contaminants or debris.

Safety Precautions: Follow safety protocols, such as wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves and goggles.

Check the Carbon Quality: Verify that the activated carbon to be filled meets the required specifications and standards.

Fill the Tank: Use appropriate equipment, such as a conveyor or auger system, to fill the activated carbon into the tank. Ensure a uniform and even distribution of carbon within the tank.

Monitor Levels: Keep track of the carbon levels in the tank to prevent overfilling.

Discharging the Activated Carbon Tank:

Safety Precautions: Before discharging, ensure that the tank is depressurized, and all safety measures are in place.

Select Discharge Method: Depending on the application and setup, choose an appropriate method for discharging the activated carbon. This could include gravity discharge, pneumatic conveying, or mechanical extraction.

Control Discharge Rate: Use control valves or mechanisms to regulate the rate of discharge, ensuring a controlled and steady flow of carbon.

Collect Discharged Carbon: Have a collection system in place to gather the discharged activated carbon for disposal or further processing.

Clean the Tank: After discharging, clean the tank thoroughly to remove any remaining carbon or residues.

Supporting Equipment and Procedures:

Conveyor Systems: Use conveyor belts or auger systems for filling and discharging activated carbon, ensuring efficient and controlled movement.

Control Valves: Install control valves at inlet and outlet points to regulate flow rates during filling and discharge operations.

Monitoring Equipment: Use sensors or monitoring devices to track carbon levels, pressure, and other parameters during operations.

Safety Equipment: Provide safety equipment such as emergency stop buttons, pressure relief valves, and ventilation systems to ensure safe handling of carvão ativado.

Maintenance and Inspection: Regularly inspect and maintain equipment to ensure optimal performance and safety standards.

By following these instructions and using the appropriate supporting equipment and procedures, you can effectively fill and discharge activated carbon tanks in your application.

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