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28 tonnellate di carbone attivo per il recupero dell'oro in Tanzania

1 settembre 2023
Good news to share with you! 28 tons of carbone attivo in guscio di cocco has been shipped to Dar es Salaam Port in Tanzania on August 25th. It is expected to arrive on October 25th. Our customer purchased the granular activated carbon used for gold recovery.

Informazioni dettagliate sul progetto

Carbone attivo per il recupero dell'oro
Recupero dell'oro
Maglia 6x12
1050 iodine value
28 tonnellate
25 kg/sacco
Dar es Salaam Port
Ciclo di produzione
7-10 days
activated carbon for gold recovery to Tanzania-sample
activated carbon for gold recovery to Tanzania-packaging
Activated Carbon for Gold Recovery to Tanzania-container

Carbone attivo Huamei per il recupero dell'oro

Our customer bought the activated carbon from the last supplier, but the absorption effect is not good even bad, which made him lose much. As a professional activated carbon supplier, we are very serious about the quality of activated carbon. We take high quality thick coconut shell as raw material, which are selected for their low volatility, low moisture and high solid carbon content, thus producing activated carbon with higher strength, lower ash content and better adsorption capacity and efficiency.
Carbone attivo Huamei per il recupero dell'oro
If you have such requirements for gold recovery, please fill out the form below and we will reply to you within 2 hours.


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