Azienda di carbone attivo Huamei


Giugno 14, 2024
Top 5 Gold Refining Activated Carbon Brands

Huamei Activated Carbon is a high quality Chinese activated carbon manufacturer, which is rapidly opening up the international market with its excellent production capacity and product quality.

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Giugno 7, 2024
Exhibition Review: Shanghai International Water Fair 2024 Was a Great Success

From 3 June to 5 June 2024, Huamei activated carbon company participated in the International Water Exhibition in Shanghai.

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Maggio 25, 2024
3 Points of Attention for Loading and Unloading Activated Carbon

Prepare the Tank: Ensure that the activated carbon tank is clean, dry, and free from any contaminants or debris.

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Aprile 28, 2024
Boiler Feed Water, Cooling Water &Condensate Treatment  

Activated carbon, as an excellent adsorption material, is widely used in various water treatment industries, such as boiler feed water, condensate and cooling water treatment.

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Aprile 24, 2024
Activated Carbon for Carwash Wastewater Treatment

As a porous adsorbent material with a large surface area and high adsorption capacity, activated carbon can adsorbate organic matter, oil and grease, and other harmful substances in water. Therefore, activated carbon is often used in car wash wastewater treatment to reduce the discharge of dangerous substances and heavy metals.

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Aprile 18, 2024
Activated Carbon for LNG Exhaust Treatment

To ensure that exhaust emissions comply with laws and regulations, LNG vehicles need to meet stringent emission standards. Pellet activated carbon has extensive pore structure, which provides good adsorption performance in LNG exhaust treatment and helps it meet or exceed these standards.

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