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8x30 carbone attivo granulare a UAE

15 giugno 2023
Good news to share with you! Our customer, who specialized in the water filter industry, purchased 56 tons of 8x30 mesh granular activated carbon from Huamei Activated Carbon Company. Currently, the activated carbon has been shipped from Tianjin Port on June 12th.

Information of 8x30 mesh Activated Carbon to UAE

  • Prodotto:  8x30 Granular activated carbon
  • Iodine Number:  900mg/g
  • Ash Content:  12% max
  • Umidità:  3% max
  • Durezza:  95% min
  • Utilizzo:  Water treatment filter cartridge production
  • Destinazione:  United Arab Emirates
  • Ciclo di produzione:  10 giorni
8x30 UAE Product
8x30 UAE Packaging
Information-8x30 port

Ship Video of 8x30 Activated Carbon to UAE

The video shows the activated carbon and packaging of the project. Huamei Activated Carbon Company pays great attention to the quality of our products and will carry out sampling and testing after production to ensure that our customers' specifications are met and to guarantee the quality of our products.
Se avete queste esigenze o volete saperne di più sul carbone attivo, compilate il modulo. Huamei vi fornirà ottime soluzioni.


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