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20 Key Points to Import Activated Carbon from China: The Definite Guide

September 25, 2023
China is one of the biggest activated carbon producers in the world, and the annual export quantity of activated carbon is steadily among the top in the world. As a professional activated carbon manufacturer, Huamei Activated Carbon Company, we are the leader in exporting activated carbon in China. In this article, we summarize 20 key points to import activated carbon from China to help you solve the problems you encounter when importing activated carbon from China.
Note: The article is a bit long, so please be patient.

20 key points to import activated carbon from China-the definite guide

1. Is it a good idea to buy activated carbon from China?

Ningxia Dawukou Coal Mine
Yes, it is a good idea to buy activated carbon from China.
  1. Activated carbon production has a long history in China, where the industry has been taking shape since the late 1980s, and has been adopting more advanced production technology and equipment to continuously improve product quality and production efficiency.
  2. China is rich in coal and wood resources. Ningxia Taixi coal is the best raw material for the production of coal-based activated carbon, which is characterized by "three lows" (low phosphorus, low ash, low sulfur) and "six highs" (high calorific value, high lump coal rate, high resistivity, high chemical activity, high fine coal recovery rate, and high mechanical strength).
  3. Besides, China is a populous country with relatively low labor costs, which not only ensures high production efficiency of activated carbon but also reduces production costs.
  4. Due to scale effects and cost advantages, Chinese activated carbon manufacturers can offer competitive prices and therefore have market advantages.
This is a great choice for buyers who are looking for cost-effective activated carbon.

2. Is it cheap to buy activated carbon from China?

Yes, it's very cheap.
As we all know, Jacobi, Calgon, and Norit are all globally known brands in the activated carbon industry. Although their activated carbon quality is good, the price is very expensive. However, if you know the Chinese activated carbon market, you will find that the high quality activated carbon in China are comparable to that of the world's best known brands, such as Jacobi, Calgon, Norit, etc. All of these well-known brands have set up branches in China, and purchase large quantities of activated carbon from China.
Therefore, if you want to buy activated carbon in large quantities, it is well-priced to import from China and you can buy it at wholesale price.

3. Do Jacobi and Calgon import activated carbon from China?

International brands such as Jacobi and Calgon import activated carbon from China. Besides, Jacobi and Calgon are expanding their market coverage by setting up sub-factories in China.
With rich coal resources, mature production technology, and well-developed equipment, China has become an important production base of activated carbon in the world. The world's leading activated carbon brands and many experienced buyers purchase activated carbon from China and sell it as part of their catalog.

4. Where to buy activated carbon from China? Ningxia? Xinjiang?Fujian? Shanxi?

China is one of the biggest activated carbon manufacturers in the world, so you will find that most activated carbon brands distribute in different areas in China.
China's premium activated carbons are mainly concentrated in Ningxia, Fujian, and Shanxi.
  1. Ningxia and Xinjiang are rich in anthracite coal, which is the best raw material for producing coal based pellet activated carbon and granular activated carbon, and it is the only origin in the world. Shanxi is also rich in coal resources, similar to Ningxia, and has certain cost advantages.
  2. Fujian Province, in the south of China, has a large number of raw materials of coconut shell and wood and is the origin of producing high quality coconut shell activated carbon and wood activated carbon.

5. How is the Activated Carbon Market in China?

It is well known that many famous global brands of activated carbon produce activated carbon in China.
This is because China has abundant coal resources, which is one of the main raw materials for producing activated carbon.
Chinese activated carbon manufacturers produce a wide range of activated carbon with advanced technology, which is widely used in various industries and can meet the market demand of different countries.
It is because of these technologies and resources that China has been able to produce high-quality activated carbon and export it to various countries, leading to the development of the global activated carbon market.
Here is the activated carbon supply trends table from China below.

6. What are the different activated carbon exhibitions in China?

Exhibitions in the activated carbon industry usually involve environmental protection, water treatment, air purification, the chemical industry, and other related fields. The following are some of the exhibitions that activated carbon suppliers will often attend:
Shanghai International Water Treatment Exhibition
Carton Fair
Beijing International water treatment exhibition
Shanghai International Environmental Protection

China (Shanghai) International Water Treatment Exhibition

Shanghai International Water Exhibition is one of the larger and more professional water treatment industry exhibitions in China.

Beijing International Water Treatment Exhibition

Beijing International Water Treatment Exhibition is one of the important water treatment industry exhibitions in China with considerable scale and professionalism.

China (Shanghai) International Environmental Protection Industry Expo

Shanghai International Environmental Protection Industry Expo focuses on showcasing outstanding enterprises in the fields of wastewater treatment, solid waste treatment, air pollution control, and various other aspects of environmental pollution control. Here you can find the activated carbon you need for environmental treatment.

Carton Fair

The last one is the Carton Fair. While there are fewer activated carbon suppliers attending, you can still find some reputable activated carbon manufacturers to collaborate with.
Notice: These exhibitions may be held regularly, but specific dates and venues are subject to change. Kindly ensure you verify the latest information before attending.

7. Which exhibition is better for activated carbon in China?

Attending a trade show is mainly dependent on your specific application. If you are looking for activated carbon for water treatment, it is recommended to attend the China(Shanghai) International Water Treatment Exhibition and the Beijing International Water Treatment Exhibition.
However, if your focus is on air purification, the China (Shanghai) International Environmental Protection Industry Expo would be more suitable.
The Canton Fair offers a wide variety of products, but there might be fewer activated carbon suppliers. Nonetheless, you may still find some high-quality activated carbon manufacturers. If you happen to be in Guangzhou, you can explore the Canton Fair.

8. Why is it better to buy activated carbon at the source than at specialized exhibitions?

activated carbon-all
On the one hand, professional exhibitions are only held for four to five days annually. It is difficult for most projects to wait until the exhibition is held.
On the other hand, some veteran reputable suppliers have a fixed source of customers and generally do not go to the exhibition. Therefore, for some large activated carbon projects, it is recommended that customers had better contact the origin activated carbon supplier in advance for a site visit. Not only can save a lot of time and cost, but also enhance mutual understanding, strengthen trust, and ultimately buy the right and high-quality products.

9. How to find the premium activated carbon supplier?

There are usually three ways to import activated carbon from China.
  1. You can fly to China directly and find an activated carbon manufacturer.
  2. Take part in exhibitions related to activated carbon, such as China International Environmental Protection Exhibition, China International Water Treatment Exhibition, and China International Air Purification Exhibition. China Environmental Protection Expo and Canton Fair are also good choices.
  3. You can find activated carbon manufacturers or agents through B2B platforms, such as Google and Alibaba
For most customers, the first two are neither convenient nor practical, so they prefer the third way.
After selecting several activated carbon suppliers, you can investigate quality, technology, service, and price and choose the most suitable one according to your needs. Of course, if you can visit the activated carbon factory in China, it will be the best way.

10. Has anyone bought activated carbon from Alibaba?

Alibaba, a large online marketplace, offers a wide range of activated carbon products from various sellers. You can certainly choose to buy activated carbon on Alibaba, but according to our customers, it is difficult to find good activated carbon suppliers on Alibaba. Because the majority of sellers only sell activated carbon, but they do not directly produce activated carbon, resulting in varying product quality. Choosing to communicate directly with professional suppliers, rather than retailers, is a better way and they can provide you with customized services.

11. How to choose the right activated carbon supplier?

China is a big exporter of activated carbon, so how to choose the right one among many activated carbon suppliers? When looking for the right activated carbon manufacturer, you’d better know the background of the company and factory. Some key points you need to know about the company include product scope, quality certification, MOQ, service, price, and environmental control. A competent manufacturer can help you understand the product, market, loading, shipping, and all the paperwork faster. If conditions permit, a visit to an activated carbon factory is a straightforward way of selecting whether an activated carbon supplier is right for you.

12. 6 tips for visiting and auditing activated carbon factory

Fujian Huamei Activated Carbon Company
When visiting an activated carbon factory, you can learn the following important information:
Company background: Understand the background and history of the factory. This will help you understand the factory's status and reputation in the industry.
Export cases: Learn about some of the factory's export orders, especially those similar to your purchasing needs, to prove whether the factory has extensive experience.
Production process: learn about the production process of activated carbon, including the selection of raw materials, the activation process, and the production process.
Quality control: Know the factory's quality inspection standards. It includes raw material testing, finished product testing, and factory certification.
Capacity/Delivery: Knowing the factory's production capacity and lead time can help you plan your purchasing time wisely.
Safety Measures: Learn about the plant's safety measures and regulations for employees and visitors to ensure safe production.

13. How to choose the best quality activated carbon?

In order to buy the best quality activated carbon, you must check if it passes an ISO 9001 quality management system. Of course, if you need powder activated carbon, you can check if they pass a Halal certificate. These can monitor and ensure the quality of activated carbon. In this way, you will be able to eliminate unqualified suppliers. Additionally, if you can get a sample before you place an order, it will be better for you to choose the best quality activated carbon.
ISO-Huamei activated carbon
Huamei activated carbon-halal

14. What are the key indicators that need to be tested for activated carbon?

  • Granular activated carbon for water treatment mainly tests iodine value
  • Pellet activated carbon for gas treatment mainly tests CTC
  • Powdered activated carbon for decolorization mainly tests methylene blue.
  • Granular activated carbon for food decolorization mainly tests molasses value.
  • Activated carbon for automobile carbon canisters mainly tests the butane value
  • Activated Carbon for H2S Removal mainly tests H2S breakthrough capacity

15. What services can Huamei activated carbon manufacturers offer?

Huamei Company, as a professional activated carbon manufacturer, has more than 20 years of manufacturing activated carbon experience and we will provide customers with customized service when cooperating with them.
activated carbon-sampling
Customized service: Huamei Company can provide you with the best activated carbon solution according to your actual application scenario.
Professional engineer: Huamei has experienced technical engineers, previously the technical director of Calgon, who can provide you with professional technical support and advice to help you choose the right activated carbon.
Factory review: Huamei factory is located in Ningxia, which is the best raw material source of coal-based activated carbon in China, and you are always welcome to visit our factory.
Free sample and test: We have our own laboratory in our factory and can provide a free sample and testing service.
Fast booking: We can realize fast booking, you don't need to worry about the transport of goods, and we will book a cost-effective warehouse for you as quickly as possible!
After-sale service: Once encountered after-sales problems, we can promptly respond to you and help you deal with the problem actively.

16. Information to be provided before purchasing activated carbon

Material, type, and index requirements of activated carbon
Detailed application scenarios
Annual purchase quantity and single purchase quantity
Trade terms: FOB or CIF
Estimated delivery date
Packaging requirements
If you know the content of the first tip, the second one can be ignored. If you are not sure about the content of the first tip, please provide the content of the second tip, and the supplier can recommend products accordingly based on your actual application scenarios.
After all the above information is confirmed, the supplier can provide you with an accurate quotation.

17. How to negotiate with activated carbon suppliers?

Discuss the requirements of the indicators or the use effect and make sure that the test report is provided before shipping, or inform the third-party testing.
Discuss the type of packaging, mark printing, and the number of packages, especially to determine the demand for loading cabinets, to avoid empty cabinets or can not be loaded.
Discuss the delivery date, and try to set aside 2 to 3 days more on the suitable delivery date to prevent unforeseen circumstances.
Discuss the payment method, according to the situation, to strive for the payment method which is favorable to you.
Demonstrate your purchasing power and credibility to your suppliers in order to get better prices and payment terms.
Once you have identified a suitable supplier, you will need to discuss the following with them during the cooperation process.

18. Import regulations for activated carbon in various countries

Policy regulations for importing activated carbon may vary from country to country, depending on factors such as national laws, environmental standards, trade agreements, and the use of the activated carbon. Below are some common policy regulations for importing activated carbon:
Food-grade activated carbon needs to provide halal and kosher certificates when exporting to countries that believe in Islam.
COC/PVOC certificate is a necessary document for customs clearance of products exported to Middle East and African countries.
If there is a free trade agreement between the exporting country and the importing country, it is usually necessary to provide a certificate of origin in order to enjoy tariff exemptions or preferences, such as Free Trade Agreement (FTA) countries, EU member countries, North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) countries, Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) member countries and so on.
The ACID number is required for export to Egypt.
ECTN stands for Equatorial Cargo Tracking Note and is a shipping document used for imported goods in some African countries.ECTN is mainly used to ensure the security, compliance, and regulatory tracking of imported goods and is designed to enhance the tracking of goods and the management of maritime transport. This certificate is required in some African countries and usually needs to be obtained prior to shipment.
If you haven't imported activated carbon from China and don't know what policies and regulations are in your country, please contact us and we will provide you with relevant support.

19. How to book cost-effective activated carbon bunkers quickly?

book ship
Activated carbon booking is more difficult compared to other products, because activated carbon is a kind of chemical with carbon, the shipping company is quite harsh on its audit, at present only 2-3 shipping companies can accept activated carbon transport.
For each shipment of activated carbon exports, the supplier needs to provide shipping inspection reports and self-heating reports to your freight agent, who will then submit them for review by the shipping company.
However, many shipping companies, such as MSC, MSK, and HPL, do not accept activated carbon shipments. To save time, you can have your freight agent directly book space with Evergreen or COSCO. However, keep in mind that less experienced freight agents may not always succeed in booking the space.
Huamei Activated Carbon Company specializes in exporting activated carbon, and our current partnered freight agents are among China's top five transport companies with extensive experience in handling activated carbon shipments. By contacting them to book activated carbon space, you can often save time, effort, and even money.

20. How to ship activated carbon from China?

The way activated carbon is shipped depends mainly on the quantity purchased. We will determine the containers based on the quantity purchased, and the following is a brief description of the activated carbon loading.
 With PalletWithout Pallet
20ft8-13 tons10-15 tons
40ft26-28 tons28 tons
how to ship activated carbon from China
Remark: The bulk density of activated carbon is different due to different raw materials and production processes, so the loading quantity may vary greatly, and the specific loading quantity should be consulted.
Once you know the quantity and loading, you can determine how to transport it, which is divided into the following three cases:
  1. If the quantity is less than 1 ton, I would recommend buying directly from the local area. If you need a small amount of samples for testing, you can choose air freight.
  2. If the quantity is less than one 20-foot container, you can choose to consolidate, but basically, no shipping company accepts activated carbon consolidation, you can only try to book.
  3. If the quantity reaches one 20-foot container or more, you can directly choose to ship the whole container. However, due to the limited number of shipping companies for activated carbon export, the best choice is to cooperate with a freight forwarder who has rich experience in activated carbon export in order to save time and effort.
If you want to buy activated carbon from China, please contact us and fill out the form below, we will reply to you within 2 hours.

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