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Activated Carbon For Gold Recovery

Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon
Size: 6x12/6x16/8x16 mesh
CIP/CIC/CIL Circuits
●Good Wear Resistance ●Low Attrition Rate
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Gold recovery activated carbon is produced with high quality coconut shell by high temperature steam activation, which has high absorption capacity, good wear resistance, low attrition losses, and low dust so our gold extraction activated carbon can be ideal for gold recovery in Carbon in Leach(CIL), Carbon in Pulp(CIP), Carbon in Column(CIC) circuits. Huamei company specializes in coconut shell granular activated carbon, which ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of your gold refining process.

Parameters of Activated Carbon for Gold Recovery

The table below presents detailed parameters for Huamei coconut shell activated carbon used in gold mining. The iodine value of activated carbon is directly related to the development of its pores, which, in turn, influences its adsorption capacity. A higher iodine value indicates more developed pores and, consequently, a stronger adsorption capacity.
Raw material: coconut shell charcoal
Application: CIP, CIL,CIC Circuits
Mesh: 6x12, 6x16, 8x16 mesh
Iodine: 1050IV-1200IV
CTC: 50%-65%
Surface Area: 1050-1300m^2/g
Hardness: 98%(min)
R-Value: 54%-60%
K-Value: 26%-30%
Attrition Loss: 1%(max)
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Global Cases

Huamei Activated Carbon for gold recovery has been exported to more than 40 countries, such as Turkey, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Benin, Sudan, Burkina Faso, etc. Most customers have recognized the quality of our activated carbon and given us a lot of good feedback and suggestions. If you have such requirements for activated carbon used in gold mining, please contact us immediately, you will enjoy a happy trade journey.
Case-gold recovery-Beinin

Activated Carbon To Benin

Product: Gold Recovery Activated Carbon
Port: Cotonou
Shipment Date: 2023.1.17
Requirements: 6x12Mesh, Iodine1100
Order Quantity: 15tons
Packing: 25kg bag 
Delivery time: 40 days
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Activated Carbon To Egypt

Product: Gold Recovery Activated Carbon
Port: Sokhna
Shipment Date: 2023.5.10
Requirements: 6X12Mesh, CTC60
Order Quantity: 28 tons
Packing: 25kg bag without pallet
Delivery time: 12 days
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gold recovery-case-Egypt


What is your MOQ?
Our MOQ is 3 tons. If below 3 tons, we will also provide you with a customized solution that is best suitable for your needs.
How long is the delivery time of activated carbon?
Usually, 7-10 days will be enough.
Can samples be provided?
Yes, we can provide customers with free samples
How to guarantee the quality of activated carbon?
We pay great attention to the quality of our products and have obtained the ISO certificate. Before the goods leave the factory, we provide a factory inspection report (COA), and support third-party inspections, such as SGS, BV.
What kind of packaging do you have? Is customization supported?
20kg/bag; 25kg/bag; 500kg/jumbo bag, etc. We also support customized packaging, or printing the customer's brand on the bag.

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