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Coal based activated carbon

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Our factory is located in Ningxia, where coal mining resources are abundant. Our coal based activated carbon is made of high quality bituminous coal and anthracite by steam activation.
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coal based activated carbon

What is Coal based activated carbon?

Coal-based activated carbon is made from high quality anthracite and bituminous coal by steam activation, which has excellent absorption capacity and high hardness. It is widely used for water treatment, air purification, declolorization, waste incineration.

Coal based activated carbon is available in three forms: granular, pellet, and powdered. All of them have large surface area and rich pore structure, which provides them good performance on absorption capacity.

Coal Based Granular Activated Carbon

HMG-BC™ Granular Activated Carbon
Type: HMG-BC™600, HMG-BC™700, HMG-BC™800, HMG-BC™900, HMG-BC™1000  
Available Size: 8X30, 12X40, 20X40, 30X60 mesh
Iodine number: 600IV-1000IV
Ash: Max.15%
Moisture: Max.3%
Surface Area: 650-1050㎡/g
Hardness: 95%(min)
pH: 8-10
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Coal Based Pellet Activated Carbon

HME-AC™ Pellet Activated Carbon
Type: HME-AC™30, HME-AC™40, HME-AC™50, HME-AC™60, HME-AC™70, HME-AC™80 
Available Size: 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm
CTC: 30%-80%
Ash: Max.10%
Moisture: Max.5%
Hardness: Min. 97%
Bulk Density: 400-620kg/m³
pH: 8-9
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Coal Based Powder Activated Carbon

HMP-B™ F30 Powder Activated Carbon
Type: HMP-B™F30
Available Size: 200mesh, 325mesh
Surface Area: Min.800㎡/g
Iodine Number: Min.800mg/g
Ash: Max.10%
Moisture: Max.5%
Bulk Density: 500±kg/m³
pH: 8-9
Application: waste incineration
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HMP-B™SW Powdered Activated Carbon
Type: HMP-B™SW
Available Size: 200mesh, 325mesh
Methylene blue: Min.10mg/g
Iodine Number: 600-1000mg/g
Ash: Max.15%
Moisture: Max.5%
Bulk Density: 500±30kg/m³
pH: 8-11
Application: sewage water treatment
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Coal Based Activated Carbon Applications

Coal activated carbon is widely used for many applications, such as water filter, wastewater treatment, sugar decolorization, etc. That's because it has large surface area and good absorption capacity.

water filter
solvent recovery
gas purification
gas mask
biogas treatment

Global Cases

Our coal based activated carbon has been exported to more than 40 countries, such as Turkey, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Benin, Sudan, Burkina Faso, etc. Most customers have recognized the quality of our activated carbon and given us a lot of good feedback and suggestions. If you have such requirements for coal based activated carbon, please contact us immediately, you will enjoy a happy trade journey.

Activated Carbon To Saudi Arabia

Product: Coal Based Activated Carbon
Application: Municipal Drinking Water Treatment
Port: Daman
Shipment Date: 2023.2.15
Requirements: 8x30Mesh, Iodine950
Order Quantity: 600 tons
Packing: 500kg/ jumbo bag with pallet
Delivery time: 45 days

Activated Carbon To Italy

Product: Coal Based Activated Carbon for H2S Removal
Port: Genova
Shipment Date: 2023.9.18
Requirements: 4mm, CTC50
Order Quantity: 100 tons
Packing: 500kg/jumbo bag with pallet
Delivery time: 25 days
activated carbon to Italy


What is your MOQ
Our MOQ is 3 tons. If below 3 tons, we will also provide you with a customized solution that is best suitable for your needs.
How long is the delivery time of activated carbon?
Usually, 7-10 days will be enough. If there is a large demand, it will be little longer.
Can samples be provided?
Yes, we support customers’ business and can provide customers with free samples.
How to guarantee the quality of activated carbon?
We pay great attention to the quality of our products and have obtained the ISO certificate. Before the goods leave the factory, we provide a factory inspection report (COA), and support third-party inspections, such as SGS, BV.
What kind of packaging do you have? Is customization supported?
20kg/bag; 25kg/bag; 500kg/jumbo bag, etc. We also support customized packaging, or printing the customer's brand on the bag

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