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Huamei Activated Carbon

Main Products in Huamei Company

We provide high-quality and cost-effective activated carbon products to our customers.
Leading in manufacturing activated carbon, filter media, and related products worldwide.

Different Raw Materials of Activated Carbon

coconut shell activated carbon suppliers & Manufacturer

Coconut shell activated carbon

Provide various grades of coconut shell activated carbon for water treatment, gold recovery, food & beverage industries, etc.
coal based activated carbon cpmpany

Coal based activated carbon

Using coal as raw material, we produce a variety of granular, columnar and powder activated carbon for various liquid and gas phase adsorption.
wood base activated carbon

Wood based activated carbon

Phosphoric acid process to produce wood powder activated carbon, mainly used for water treatment, sugar decolorization and other applications.


Activated carbon is widely used in solvent recovery, air purification, water purification, decolorization, purification and deodorization of beverage, alcohol, msg mother liquor in the food industry, pressure swing adsorption, nuclear and biological protection, natural gas storage adsorption and other fields.

Water Filter

Gold Recovery

Sugar Decolorization

Gas Purification

Water Treatment

VOCs Removal

Cigarette filter

Biogas Purification

High quality activated carbon


We provide high-quality products that meet quality standards
activated carbon samples

Free Samples

Provide free sample test and technical support before order
activated carbon shippping


Supplier integration and warehousing system guarantee fast delivery


Support from technical experts to meet customer applications

Huamei Activated Carbon Company

Huamei Carbon was established in Ningxia, China in 2001, and has more than 20 years of expertise in carbon manufacturing. Now it has developed into one of the leading activated carbon companies in China, serving customers all over the world.For more than 20 years, we have been in a leading position in the activated carbon industry. We have a number of laboratories with advanced R&D and testing capabilities, and are equipped with a group of professional engineers, scientists and researchers.
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Why Choose Huamei Company?

We have provided quality products to customers in more than 50 countries and helped them succeed. We also hope to be your reliable supplier and partner.

Raw materials advantages

Our factory is located in the raw material producing area which has abundant high-quality coal resources and reduces the cost of raw materials.

Technical advantages

Professional technical team with more than 8 years in the activated carbon field. Deep cooperation with professors from China University of Mining &Technology.

Transportation advantages

Our forwarder specializes in chemical transportation and can quickly obtain shipping space for activated carbon orders at the lowest price.

High Production Capacity

With 4 production lines, the daily output can reach 32 tons, the annual output reaches 10,000 tons, and the deep processing capacity reaches 6,000 tons.

Good Serivice Team

There are perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sales services, to ensure that customers can get timely assistance when needed.

Assured Quality Certification

we are certificated by ISO, HALAL, Kosher, SGS and BV.

Why can we help you?

We have more than 20 years of production experience in activated carbon production. While providing reliable products, we control the supply of raw materials and technological improvements. The products have higher cost performance, which is one of the reasons why customers choose us.
We respect the ideas of our customers and provide good suggestions and services. Start now to experience from sending your inquiry.
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100% delivery of goods on time;
98% pass rate of quality inspection;
20+ years of production experience;
Reply to customers within 24 hours;
Support various customized needs of customers.
activated carbon globle suppliers

Provide competitive activated carbon products to customers worldwide

We are one of the trusted brands in the activated carbon business, serving a wide range of customers in a variety of industries. Our customers are located in dozens of countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and South America. With our exceptional cost to performance value HMCARBON will be your right choice.

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Please contact us and send a message if you have any questions, Huamei will provide you with customized service. 
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