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Activated Carbon for Water Treatment

With the development of industry, the problem of insufficient water for industrial and urban residents and serious pollution of water sources is becoming more and more serious. Activated carbon is a very effective water treatment agent and is widely used in the water treatment process. Activated carbon is a highly adsorbent material that can adsorb organic matter, chlorine, fluorine, heavy metals, and other pollutants in water, so it is widely used in drinking water, wastewater treatment, swimming pool water treatment, industrial water treatment and other fields.
8x30 Coal Based Activated Carbon for water treatment
8x30 Coconut Shell Activated Carbon for water treatment

Drinking Water Purification

Activated carbon is widely used in the treatment of drinking water. Through physical and chemical adsorption, activated carbon removes odour, colour, chlorine, organic matter, heavy metals and other pollutants from water, improving water quality, taste and safety of drinking water. The activated carbon treatment of drinking water can meet national and local drinking water standards and help to improve people's quality of life, and is simple to operate, easy to maintain, low cost and has no side effects on water quality.
unicipal drinking water treatment

Municipal Drinking 
Water Treatment

It can improve the quality of water, improve the taste, guarantee the safety of drinking water for the public and meet the relevant national and local drinking water standards.
Filter element manufacturer

Filter Element Manufacture

Activated carbon is filled in the filter to remove odour, colour, chlorine, organic matter and other pollutants from the water and improve water quality.

Pure water treatment

Pure Water Treatment

Activated carbon is used in the treatment of pure water and mineral water to improve water quality, taste and shelf life.

Beverage, food water treatment

Beverage, Food Water Treatment

It can improve the quality of water, improve the taste, guarantee the safety of drinking water for the public and meet the relevant national and local drinking water standards.

Sewage Waste Water Treatment

The wastewater mainly comes from industrial processing, food processing, agricultural chemical use, and landfill leachate. These wastewaters can have a negative impact on the environment and wildlife and pose a threat to human health, so they can be treated with activated carbon before being discharged or reused to make them safe for discharge.

Petrochemical Wastewater Treatment

Petrochemical wastewater contains a lot of organic matter(benzene, phenol, ketone,etc.) and odor(H2S, methyl mercaptan, etc. Activated carbon has a large number of microporous structure which can absorb these organic matter.

Electroplating Wastewater Treatment

Electroplating wastewater usually contains organic matter, heavy metals and other pollutants, and activated carbon can purify the wastewater by adsorbing these pollutants.

Papermaking Wastewater Treatment

Activated carbon is also widely used in papermaking wastewater treatment, its main role is to adsorb organic matter, pigment, and deodorization.

Printing-and dyeing-plant-wastewater

Printing & Dyeing Plant Wastewater Treatment

The excellent adsorption capacity of activated carbon effectively removes a large number of pigments from printing and dyeing wastewater, resulting in clear and transparent water.

More Water Treatment

  • pure-water-filtration

    Pure Water Filtration

    In pure water filtration systems, activated carbon is often used as part of a pre-filter or post-filter.

    Rain Water Filtration

    Activated carbon filters and purifies harmful substances from rainwater.

    Seawater Filtration

    Activated carbon can filter and remove impurities such as salt, suspended matter and microorganisms from it.
    Aquarium water filtration

    Aquarium Water Filtration

    Activated carbon removes residual chlorine and organic waste from aquarium water.
  • tap-water-filtration

    Tap Water Fltration

    Activated carbon is effective in removing chlorine, heavy metals, drug residues, and other substances from tap water.

    Groundwater Qr Well Water Filtration

    Activated carbon effectively removes bacteria, viruses, iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, etc. from groundwater or well water.

    Surface Water Filtration

    Activated carbon filters and purifies suspended particles, chemicals, bacteria, and viruses from surface water such as rivers and lakes.

    Swimming Pool Water Filtration

    Activated carbon can effectively remove harmful substances such as chloramines and chlorinated substances from swimming pools.

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