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20 Ton Anthracite Filter Media to Turkey

March 28, 2024
Good news to share with you! 20 tons anthracite filter media has been shipped to Turkey on March 17th. Our customer purchased anthracite filter media for water filter. Anthracite filter media has strong absorption capacity, which can remove the organic substances, ordor, and contaminants in the water.

Detailed Information of Anthracite Filter Media

Anthracite Filter Media
water filter
8x30 mesh
Carbon Content
20 tons
1000kg/jumbo bag
anthracite filter media-sample
20 ton anthracite filter media
20 ton anthracite filter media

Huamei Anthracite Filter Media

Good Solution to Water Filter

The customer was very concerned about the blackening and yellowing of the filter media after use. He told us that the price of the previous product was high but the quality was not satisfactory. Our sales staff communicated with the technicians and found that the raw materials used in the anthracite filter media purchased before had too much iron content, and no clean water was used in the coal washing process, which led to turbid water quality after filtration and blackened and yellowed.
Huamei Activated Carbon Factory is located in Ningxia, which has rich coal resources and is one of the raw materials of activated carbon. The coal we use is cleaned and less dusty. After a series of processes, it is crushed to produce anthracite filter media, with black granular shape. The rich microporous and large specific surface area gives it excellent adsorption ability, which can effectively remove impurities and organic matter in water and ensure clean water.
After the sample test, the customer decided to order 20 tons of anthracite filter media without hesitation. The customer highly recognized the quality of our anthracite filter media, and we also gave the customer a very competitive price. We are very glad that this cooperation has solved the customer's actual problem and brought him an effective solution, and we also thank the customer for his recognition of us!
If you have requirements for anthracite filter media for water treatment, please fill out the form below and we will reply to you within 2 hours.

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