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26 Tons Pellet Activated Carbon to Turkey

March 29, 2024
Exciting news to share with you! 26 tons coal based pellet activated carbon is on the way to Turkey by sea. Our client purchased the pellet activated carbon for panel filters and cartridge filters production. These filters are usually used for odor removal and gas purification.

Detailed Information of Pellet Activated Carbon

Pellet Activated Carbon
panel filters and cartridge filters
Ash Content
26 tons
26 Tons Pellet Activated Carbon to Turkey-port-sample
26 Tons Pellet Activated Carbon to Turkey-port
26 Tons Pellet Activated Carbon to Turkey-container

Huamei Pellet Activated Carbon

Good Solution to Gas Purification

The customer pays great attention to the cleanliness and adsorption effect of the activated carbon. The activated carbon he previously purchased was dusty, and had a high ash content and weak adsorption capacity. He needs to use high quality activated carbon for the cartridges and panel filters to achieve odor adsorption and removal.
Huamei activated carbon factory is located in Ningxia, where there are unrivaled coal mine resources. During the production process, our workers strictly select materials and control the processing flow to ensure that pellet activated carbon produced is clean and less dusty. The rich pore space and large specific surface area of pellet activated carbon make it show excellent adsorption performance in odor removal and air treatment. It can not only remove odors from the air and purify the air, but also adsorb harmful gases and impurities.
After getting the sample and testing, the customer was very satisfied with the cleanliness and adsorption effect of our pellet activated carbon and ordered 26 tons of extruded activated carbon immediately. Pellet activated carbon can be used for gas and liquid phase adsorption, and is commonly used in gas treatment, biogas removal, VOC adsorption and solvent recovery, etc.
If you have requirements for pellet activated carbon for gas purification, please fill out the form below and we will reply to you within 2 hours.

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