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4mm coal based pelletized activated carbon

  • Coal based extruded carbon
  • Diameter 4mm for gas phase adsorption
  • CTC(%): 40/50/60/70/80
  • Packing: 25kg / bag - 20 bags / pallet, Big bags of 500 kg / pallet
  • Application: Used in Air purification, VOCs and other organic gases purification, H2s removal, sewage treatment, etc.

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We provide activated carbon products for various industrial production applications. pelleted carbon is suitable for water purification treatment, solvent recovery, VOCs treatment, exhaust gas treatment, carrier catalytic use, air purification, desulfurization, etc.

4mm columnar activated carbon is the most common size and can also be used as a catalyst carrier and impregnated activated carbon, which has been applied to more applications such as impregnation with KOH, NaOH, KI, etc. for hydrogen sulfide removal.

If you have questions about the application, parameter index, price, etc. of activated carbon, our technical experts will provide guidance for you. If you need samples for testing, we will provide it for free.

  • 25 kg bags on pallets
  • 500 kg net weight in large bags on pallets with strapping and shrink wrapping
  • We can also customize the packaging or print the customer's brand on the bags

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