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4mm Pellet Activated Carbon for H2S Removal to Italy

September 22, 2023
On September 18th, 100 tons of 4mm pellet activated carbon has been shipped to Italy from the Tianjin Port. The Italian clients purchased pellet activated carbon from Huamei Company for H2S removal in wastewater.

Detailed Information of Pellet Activated Carbon Project

4mm Pellet Activated Carbon(impregnated KOH)
H2S Removal in Wastewater
100 tons
500kg/jumbo bag
Production Cycle
7-12 days
pellet activated carbon for H2S removal-product
pellet activated carbon for H2S removal-packaging
pellet activated carbon for H2S removal-container

Huamei Pellet Activated Carbon

Good Solution to H2S Removal in Waste Water

H2S is a noxious gas with a foul odor. The emission of H2S causes air and water pollution and has a negative impact on human health. Secondly, H2S is a corrosive gas, corrosive to many industrial equipment and pipelines, and will react with the substances in the wastewater to form precipitates, clogging wastewater treatment equipment.
During the communication with the customer, the customer mentioned that the activated carbon previously purchased from other suppliers had a low adsorption capacity, a short life span, and a very high cost, but the effect was bad. After clarifying the customer's problem, our sales manager recommended the use of pellet activated carbon (impregnated with KOH), which reacts with H2S during the treatment process and reduces the concentration of H2S, making the wastewater neutral or alkaline, which helps to improve the efficiency and stability of wastewater treatment. After receiving a sample of our pellet activated carbon and testing it, the customer decisively chose to buy it from Huamei Company, and we are very grateful for the customer's trust!
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Video of Coal Based Granular Activated Carbon to Saudi Arabia

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