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4mm Pellet Activated Carbon to France

March 15, 2023
On February 9th, 56 tons of pellet activated carbon was shipped to the Marseille Port in France. The customer purchased the pellet activated carbon for H2S and siloxanes removal in gas treatment. When removing H2S, the customer wants to find activated carbon with a long service life and short replacement intervals to reduce absorption costs. 

Detailed Information of the Project

End Product
4mm Pellet Activated Carbon
Benzene absorption
H2S and Siloxanes Removal
Order Quantity
500kg/jumbo bag
Marseille Port
pellet activated carbon to France-sample
pellet activated carbon to France-shipment
pellet activated carbon to France-loading

Huamei Pellet Activated Carbon

Good Solution to H2S Removal

When the customer discussed with our sales manager, he mentioned that the activated carbon he previously used had a short lifespan, saturated quickly, and was replaced frequently, so the customer urgently needed to find an activated carbon with a long lifespan and a short replacement cycle.
Our sales manager consulted our experienced technicians and came up with a great solution for the customer: use high quality anthracite as raw material and a unique impregnation process to produce activated carbon. Anthracite coal has a high carbon content and low ash and sulphur content, and has more pores. In other words, activated carbon produced from anthracite has fewer impurities and less sulphur content, which will improve its adsorption efficiency and lifetime. In addition, using a unique impregnation process, the adsorbent is uniformly deposited on the surface of the activated carbon to improve its adsorption efficiency and avoid the adsorbent falling off, thus prolonging the life of the activated carbon.

The Customer’s Feedbacks

After the customer received the goods and used them, he found that the use cycle of activated carbon increased from the previous 15 days to 30 days, which successfully solved his problem and gained the customer's trust. Therefore, he wants to order another 40-foot container.
4mm activated carbon to France
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