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4mm Pellet Activated Carbon to Turkey

June 15, 2023
On May 28th, 28 tons of pellet activated carbon was shipped to the Istanbul Port in Turkey. The customer is specialized in manufacturing oil fume and buys pellet activated carbon for air filter. What bothers customers is that when using activated carbon filtration, the outer filter cartridge is easy to be corroded and rusted. We provided a good solution for him, which perfectly solved his problem.

Detailed Information of the Project

4mm Pellet Activated Carbon
Air Filter Cartridge
Order Quantity
Istanbul Port

Huamei Pellet Activated Carbon

Good Solution to Air Filter Cartridge

Customers encountered a lot of problems during the use of previously purchased activated carbon, resulting in poor air filtration results:
  1. Low strength and significant dust, leading to filling difficulties
  2. High specific gravity and high cost
  3. Corrosiveness of activated carbon causing air filter cartridgerust
YC-pellet activated carbon
Our sales manager knew about these problems in the process of communicating with customers, she immediately went to consult a lot of related technical personnel and senior colleagues. After combining her own experience, she identified the cause and offered a good solution to the customer.
The activated carbon has low strength and high dust because of the use of poor quality raw materials in the production process. Huamei activated carbon factory uses high quality anthracite coal and binder to produce clean and smooth activated carbon with high strength and low dust. The specific gravity of activated carbon is also lower, which reduces the cost of customers.
As for the rusting of the filter cartridges by activated carbon, after investigation, we know that the customer bought recycled carbon, so the activated carbon contains acidic waste gas, which reacted with the filter cartridges and corroded the cartridges. Huamei activated carbon factory only produces and sells virgin activated carbon, not recycled activated carbon, so there is no question of corrosion of the cartridges.

The Customer’s Feedbacks

Before the customer placed the order, we provided him with a sample. After testing, he was very impressed with our products and said he had found the activated carbon company they have been looking for a long time. Huamei activated carbon company is also grateful for the customer’s trust.
4mm activated carbon filter to Turkey-1
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