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78 tons of HMG-B™700 Granular Activated Carbon to Vietnam

January 12, 2024
Good news to share with you! 78 tons of granular activated carbon is on the way to Vietnam by sea. The customer purchased coal based granular activated carbon for the water filter. Before placing the order, we supplied the customer with free samples. Upon successful testing, the customer made a confident decision to purchase activated carbon from Huamei.

Detailed Information of Granular Activated Carbon

Coal Based Granular Activated Carbon
HMG-B™700 Activated Carbon
Water filter
12x40 mesh
Iodine Value
700 mg/g
Ash Content
12% max
3% max
78 tons
25 kg/ bag
12x40 mesh granular activated carbon-coal
12x40 granular activated carbon packaging
12x40 granular activated carbon -pallet
HMG-B™700 12x40mesh coal granular activated carbon is a new type of granular carbon produced and developed by Huamei for water treatment cartridges with superior strength and adsorption capacity.

Huamei Granular Activated Carbon

Good Solution to Water Filters

During our discussion with the customer, he mentioned that the activated carbon he previously used exhibited lower hardness. Besides, the purified water had an unpleasant odor and appeared yellowish. Huamei Activated Carbon Company has produced a kind of granular activated carbon with coal as raw material for water filters: HMG-B™700 Granular Activated Carbon. It has good absorption capacity and low ash. 
In the manufacturing of water treatment cartridges, activated carbon must maintain a steady adsorption capacity, excellent strength, and clean attributes. Huamei factory has developed a specialized activated carbon for this application. We've reformed both the raw materials and production process to create activated carbon for water filters, ensuring that water filtered through it remains clear, without any discoloration, and free from unpleasant odors.
granular activated carbon for water filter
If you have requirements for granular activated carbon for water filters, please fill out the form below and we will reply to you within 2 hours.

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