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A Visit to Huamei Activated Carbon Factory

July 31, 2023
With the development of activated carbon in China, more customers choose to buy activated carbon from Chinese suppliers. To ensure product quality, some customers visit activated carbon factories in China for inspections. On 13th July, our sales managers Mia and Lydia guided a Chilean customer’s colleague from their China branch to visit our activated carbon factory.
This post introduces the background and strengths of Huamei activated carbon company as well as the process of auditing the factory.

Huamei Activated Carbon Factory Background

Huamei Activated Carbon Company was founded in 2001 with 20-year of manufacturing activated carbon experience. We mainly produce activated carbon for water treatment, water filter, VOC treatment, H2S removal, and gold recovery, etc. Besides, our production technology has always been in the leading position in China.
Activated Carbon Factory

Purpose of the Factory Audit

The customer from Chile want to purchase activated carbon for municipal wastewater treatment(H2S and VOC Removal) in large quantities, so he commissioned his colleagues in the Chinese branch to visit our activated carbon factory to confirm our strength. Huamei activated carbon factory produces activated carbon using the world's leading production technology to ensure the quality and longevity of the activated carbon. The customers recognize our strengths at the end of the visit tour.
YC-pellet activated carbon

Activated Carbon Factory Tour Process

During the customer visit, firstly, our sales manager briefly introduced the background and development of the factory to the customer.
Secondly, our factory manager guided the customer on a tour of our production equipment, where they witnessed the specific production process, including carbonization, activation, discharging, drying, and sampling.
Thirdly, we lead the customers to our laboratory to inspect various testing equipment and testing records. Before the products leave the factory, we will carry out sample testing to ensure that they meet the required quality standards.
Then, we ask our customers to check the certificates of our factory, including ISO, Halal, and SGS. These are proof of our high-quality activated carbon.
Finally, e engaged in a comprehensive discussion with the customer regarding various aspects of production and their specific order requirements. Below is the parameter table of 4mm pellet carbon that we recommend for our customers.
Bulk Density540±30kg/m³540±30kg/m³
Pellet Diameter4mm3mm
Specific Area1050㎡/g950㎡/g
Absorption PrincipleChemical AbsorptionPhysical Absorption

The Recognition of the Customer

In the entire process, customers are most concerned about our advantages and how we control product quality.
Firstly, our factory is located only 60 kilometers away from the source of raw materials, providing a natural advantage in material sourcing.
Secondly, our product quality leads the domestic market. We control every production process at all levels to ensure the products meet the highest quality standards. From raw material selection and testing to carbonization and activation processes, all the way to the final product sampling, we exercise rigorous control to guarantee product quality and lifespan.
Customers have witnessed our production process and expressed strong agreement with our emphasis on quality control. Thus, whether it is in terms of raw materials, production techniques, or testing procedures, we have received full recognition and approval from our customers.


By allowing customers to audit the activated carbon factory when conditions permit, it becomes extremely necessary. Throughout the audit process, customers gain comprehensive insights into the manufacturer's products, production capacity, quality, and services, enabling them to make an informed judgment on the company's strengths and whether the product quality meets the required standards.
Following the factory inspection by our Chilean customer's colleagues, they expressed their full approval of our products and services, considering us a highly reliable activated carbon supplier.
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