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Quality testing standards for activated carbon ASTM (Download)

December 1, 2021

The following testing standards are mainly used in the production and sale of activated carbon:

  • GB(Chinese National Standard);
  • ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials);
  • JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards);
  • AWWA (American Water Works Association)

In China, most manufacturers and users of coal activated carbon and wood activated carbon basically adopt the Chinese national standard (GBT) for quality testing of activated carbon, while companies with export business adopt the testing standards and methods of different countries respectively according to the export to different countries and regions.

In the following table, there are some common ASTM standards:

ASTM D2862-2016
Standard Test Method for Particle Size Distribution of Granular Activated Carbon
ASTM D4607-2014
Standard Test Method for Determination of Iodine Number of Activated Carbon
ASTM D2854-2009(2014)
Standard Test Method for Apparent Density of Activated Carbon
ASTM D3802-2016
Standard Test Method for Ball-Pan Hardness of Activated Carbon
ASTM D2867-2017
Standard Test Methods for Moisture in Activated Carbon
ASTM D5742-2016
Standard Test Method for Determination of Butane Activity of Activated Carbon
ASTM D3467-2004(2009)
Standard Test Method for Carbon Tetrachloride Activity of Activated Carbon
ASTM D2866-2018
Standard Test Method for Total Ash Content of Activated Carbon
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