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Activated Carbon for Soil Remediation

October 31, 2023
Activated carbon is a high-quality multifunctional adsorbent that can effectively remove organic pollutants, chemical substances and heavy metal ions from soil, improve soil quality, reduce environmental pollution, which can help to improve plant growth conditions and promote agricultural development. Therefore, it is widely used in soil remediation and improvement.

The Importance of Soil Remediation

 Soil, as the foundation of the ecosystem, not only supports the growth of plants but also maintains the ecological balance, which is essential for agricultural production and the health of the ecosystem. However, we are inevitably faced with the challenge of soil pollution, an issue rooted in a variety of factors such as the widespread use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the discharge of industrial wastewater, and landfills. The diversity of contaminants and different types of soil make soil remediation exceptionally difficult. Each contaminant requires a different treatment, and different types of soil affect remediation in different ways.
Soil Pollution and Remediation

Activated Carbon for soil Remediation

Activated carbon is a multifunctional adsorbent with a porous structure that provides a large surface area to effectively adsorb a wide range of organics, chemicals and heavy metals, allowing it to be applied in the remediation of different types of soil. In addition, activated carbon is usually renewable and recyclable, which is very friendly to the environment and does not cause secondary pollution to the soil. As soil remediation is difficult, it is necessary to fully consider the nature of the soil, the type of pollutant, used for soil remediation, and it is crucial to choose the right activated carbon.

How to choose activated carbon for Soil remediation?

When selecting activated carbon for soil remediation, we need to combine the nature of the soil, understand the type and concentration of pollutants, and select the appropriate activated carbon to ensure that it can effectively adsorb pollutants. In addition, the stability of the active carbon is also important to ensure that the active carbon is not affected by microorganisms. According to the experiments conducted by Huamei technicians, we recommend our customers to use coal based granular activated carbon and coal based powder activated carbon for soil remediation.

Coal Based Granular Activated Carbon(20x50 mesh)

20x50 mesh coal based granular activated carbon
Coal granular activated carbon is in the form of granules, which can be evenly distributed in the soil and will not affect the permeability of the soil.
Coal granular activated carbon is a multifunctional adsorbent with high adsorption capacity, which can effectively adsorb organic matter and chemical substances with remarkable effect.
Coal granular activated carbon is relatively stable and does not decompose easily, which is very favourable for long-term soil remediation projects.

Coal Based Powder Activated Carbon(325 mesh)

325 mesh coal based powder activated carbon
Coal powder activated carbon has a finer particle size, higher surface area and more adsorption sites.
Coal powdered activated carbon can be more easily and evenly mixed with the soil, ensuring that it can adsorb pollutants efficiently and evenly.
Coal powdered activated carbon can penetrate deeply into the soil to adsorb contaminants deep underground, which reduces the amount of contaminants entering the groundwater.
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