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Activated Carbon for VOC Removal

December 21, 2023
VOCs are a group of organic compounds that volatilise into gases or vapours at low temperatures, including benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, ethanol, ethylbenzene, trichloroethylene, and siloxanes. These compounds are usually derived from building materials, paints, combustion processes and industrial production. Activated Carbon is widely used to remove VOC, reduce volatile organic compounds in air emissions to protect the environment and improve air quality.

Why is VOC Removal Important?

VOC removal is essential for human health, improving air quality, and environmental protection.
VOCs come from building materials, cleaning agents, furniture, paints, etc. and can pollute indoor air. Breathing in VOCs can lead to a variety of health problems such as breathing problems, headaches, skin irritation, and cancer. Some of these VOCs are toxic and can have a significant impact on human health and quality of life.
Some VOCs react with nitrogen oxides and other exhaust gases in the atmosphere by photochemical reactions, and form hazardous substances such as ozone or toxic secondary organic aerosols, leading to a reduction in air quality.
For industry, it is important to strictly control VOC emissions and comply with laws and regulations. VOC production is unavoidable, and Huamei activated carbon can solve your VOC emission problems.
VOCs in the Industrial Exhaust
Toluene in Paints
Benzene-Vehicle Exhaust-ben

Activated Carbon for VOC Removal

Huamei Company is dedicated to producing various kinds of activated carbon used in many applications to help you solve various air treatment and water treatment problems. Activated carbon is an amazing and efficient chemical product, which is considered to be the best adsorbent for VOC removal.

Porous structure

Activated carbon has an extremely rich pore structure, including micropores and mesopores, and its specific surface area is very large, providing a large number of adsorption sites, which is conducive to the adsorption of VOC molecules.

Selective adsorption

Activated carbon has different adsorption properties for different kinds of VOC, and has strong selectivity to effectively adsorb various organic compounds.


Activated carbon can restore its adsorption performance through regeneration and can be recycled, which reduces the cost for enterprises and improves economic benefits.

Environmentally friendly

Activated carbon is an environmentally friendly adsorbent material that can be regenerated or incinerated to reduce dependence on natural resources and does not produce hazardous waste.
Activated Carbon Pore Size Distribution

Huamei Activated Carbon for VOC Removal

Huamei Company currently produces several types of activated carbon specifically designed for VOC removal in industrial production, and these activated can also be used in air purifiers to improve air quality.

Pellet Activated Carbon

Pellet Activated Carbon for VOC Removal
3mm, 4mm
Apparent Density
460 kg/m³
Max 5%
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Granular Activated Carbon

granular activated carbon for VOC Removal
4x8 mesh
Iodine number
1000 mg/g
Apparent Density
470-550 kg/m³
Max 5%
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