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Oil Fume

The kitchen is the most serious air pollution in the family, and many people have not noticed it. The main source is the cooking fume and liquefied gas: "carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and other harmful gases", etc.

Oil fume mainly contains aldehydes, ketones, alcohols and other substances, including benzopyrene, volatile nitrosamines, heterocyclic amines, etc., which are all known high carcinogens. Therefore, the cooking fume in the kitchen can seriously damage the respiratory tract and skin, and the acrolein in the cooking fume can cause chronic pharyngitis, rhinitis, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. Oil fume particles adhere to women's skin, causing pores to be blocked, which will accelerate the aging of skin tissues, causing skin roughness, wrinkles, increased melanin and turning into stains.

And people who smell oil fume every day are more likely to get cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases than those who don't smell oil fume, because the large amount of cholesterol in oil fume can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Fat oxides in the kitchen fume for a long time can cause heart and cerebrovascular diseases.

Therefore, controlling family environmental pollution and improving the quality of life are the top priorities of every family! Activated carbon can effectively remove harmful substances in oil fume. Welcome to consult Huamei activated carbon to provide you with professional customized solutions.

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