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Activated Carbon for Water Treatment

With the development of industry, the problem of insufficient water for industrial and urban residents and serious pollution of water sources is becoming more and more serious. Activated carbon is an ideal adsorbent for water and wastewater treatment. Water treatment is divided into water treatment and sewage treatment: Water usually refers to water used after artificial treatment such as domestic water, industrial water, and pure water; sewage usually refers to domestic polluted water, industrial sewage, etc. At present, the water treatment is still mainly in the form of granular and powder.

Drinking water treatment

Practice has shown that activated carbon can not only remove dissolved organics in water, reduce UV absorption, reduce total otganic carbon (TOC), remove peculiar smell, improve water purity, etc., but also treat various impurities in water. Harmful substances such as chlorine, phenol, arsenic, lead, cyanide, and pesticides also have a high removal rate. It can be widely used for filling all kinds of large, medium and small water purifiers.

Sewage treatment

The activated carbon adsorption method and its combination process have significant effects in treating wastewater from refineries, chemical plants, printing and dyeing plants, electroplating plants, paper mills, etc., mainly to remove trace pollutants such as chromium, cyanide, mercury, phenol and methanol in wastewater , In order to achieve the purpose of deep purification.

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