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Granular Activated Carbon: Effective Removal of Organic Matters and Free Chlorine from Water

November 24, 2023
Granular activated carbon plays a vital role in water treatment and its excellent adsorption properties make it an effective adsorbent for treating organic matter and free chlorine in water. It not only helps to improve the quality of drinking water but also plays a key role in industrial and wastewater treatment. It also effectively removes odours from water and improves the taste of water.
Demin Water System

Demineralization Water System

Granular Activated Carbon for Organic Matters Removal

Removal of organic matters from water is critical for human health, water quality improvement, agricultural development, and ecological protection. Some organic matters can be potential carcinogens and long-term exposure can lead to health problems. The excessive presence of organic matter may lead to eutrophication of water bodies, thus affecting the balance of the ecosystem. In addition, organic matter may affect the taste and odour of drinking water and may react with disinfectants in the water treatment process to produce undesirable by-products. Therefore, the removal of organic matter from water is essential
Granular activated carbon removes organic matter from water by adsorption, and the adsorption capacity of granular activated carbon is closely related to its pore structure and surface area. The more developed the pore structure and the larger the surface area, the better the adsorption capacity. In addition, granular activated carbon has both polar and non-polar regions on its surface, allowing it to adsorb different types of organics. Moreover, granular activated carbon can be reused through a renewable process, extending its life and reducing costs.
Activated Carbon Pore Size Distribution

Granular Activated Carbon for Free Chlorine

Free chlorine is a strong oxidizing agent that can cause skin, respiratory and eye irritation. When it enters waters, it can have toxic effects on aquatic organisms, disrupting the balance of water ecosystems, as well as leading to deterioration of water quality and damage to water treatment systems. Effective removal of free chlorine is essential to maintain human health and the health of water bodies.
Granular activated carbon removes free chlorine from water through a chemical reduction reaction. The surface of granular activated carbon usually contains some chemical functional groups that act as catalysts in the reaction. Free chlorine (ClO^-) undergoes a reduction reaction on the surface of the activated carbon and is reduced to chlorine ions (Cl^-). The well-developed pore structure of granular activated carbon provides a large surface area, which increases the opportunity for free chlorine to react with its surface. Furthermore, the regenerative properties of granular activated carbon allow it to regain its activity and participate in the removal of free chlorine more than once, thus improving economic efficiency.
Structure of functional groups on the surface of activated carbon

Huamei Granular Activated Carbon

Good Solutions to Organic Matters and Free Chlorine Removal

Huamei Company has developed various kinds of granular activated carbon for organic matters and free chlorine removal in demineralization water system and tap water treatment. Our factory strictly controls every step in the production of activated carbon, and our activated carbon has obtained ISO and SGS certificates, etc. and we also test the activated carbon before it leaves the factory to make sure it is qualified.

Coal Based Granular Activated Carbon

8x30, 12x40mesh
Iodine Number
Min 1000mg/g
Max 5%
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Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon

8x30, 12x20mesh
Iodine Number
Min 1100mg/g
Max 5%
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