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HMG-BC™ Coal Based Activated Carbon

HMG-BC™ Granular Activated Carbon

Coal Based Granular Activated Carbon

HMG-BC™ Granular Activated Carbon is made from selected grades coal combined with suitable binders to give superior hardness and long life, produced under rigidly controlled conditions by high temperature steam activation. It is a high density adsorbent and provides maximum volume activity. The perfect balance between adsorption and transport pores provide optimum performance in a wide range of water treatment applications.
coal based granular activated carbon-8x30


  • High Quality Raw Coal
  • Maximum hardness and abrasion resistance
  • Super Absorption
  • Low Ash and Moisture
  • Large Surface Area
  • High Microporous Structure


The high adsorptive capacity of HMG-BC™ makes it ideal for removing a variety of contaminants from water, air, liquids, and gases to improve taste, odor, and color. For example industrial sewage treatment, River Water,Municipal drinking water treatment, Filter element manufacturer, wells water,surface bodies and residential water treatment systems, MEDA/DEA adsorption etc.
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HMG-BC™ Granular Activated Carbon Specifications

AppearanceBlack, Granular
Size8x30, 12x40, 20x40, 30x60 mesh
Iodine Number600mg/g700mg/g800mg/g900mg/g1000mg/g
Ash Content15%(max.)15%(max.)12%(max.)12%(max.)12%(max.)
Surface Area650㎡/g750㎡/g850㎡/g950㎡/g1050㎡/g

HMG-BC™ Granular Activated Carbon Packaging

Huamei Company can provide you with customized packagings according to your requirements.
  • 25kg/bag
  • 500kg/jumbo bag
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Packaging-HM 25kg bag Activated Carbon
Packaging-25 kg bag Activated Carbon
Packaging-500kg jumbo bag Activated Carbon

HMG-BC™ Granular Activated Carbon Case


HMG-BC™ Activated Carbon to Saudi Arabia

Product: Coal activated carbon for municipal drinking water treatment
Port: Daman
Shipment Date: 2023.2.15
Requirements: 8x30Mesh, Iodine950
Order Quantity: 600 tons
Packing: 500kg bags with pallet
Delivery time: 45days
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