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HMHC™ Honeycomb Activated Carbon for Gas Absorption

HMHC-M™ Honeycomb Activated Carbon

Honeycomb Activated Carbon for Gas Absorption

HMHC-M™ honeycomb activated carbon is manufactured from high quality powder activated carbon, pressed by special molds. It has a relatively large contact area, well-developed pores, and good absorption capacity, widely used for gas absorption and VOC treatment. The filtration efficiency can reach 95%.


  • High CTC
  • High Absorption Capacity
  • Fast Desorption Rate
  • Long lifespan
  • Customized


  • air purification
  • VOCs treatment
  • flue gas adsorption
  • industrial gas treatment
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HMHC-M™ Honeycomb Activated Carbon Specifications

Raw MaterialMixed Powder (wood, coconut shell, coal)
AppearanceBlack, Honeycomb
Size100x100x100mm, 100x100x50mm, etc., customized
Iodine Number500mg/g600mg/g700mg/g
VOCs Absorption Volume80-90kg/m³100-120kg/m³120-150kg/m³
Desorption Temperature80-100℃
Absorption SubstanceToluene, xylene,non-methane total hydrocarbons, etc.Painting exhaust gas, VOCs

HMHC-M™ Honeycomb Activated Carbon Packaging

  • 20'GP:72 cartons/pallet, totally 10 pallets
  • 40'HQ:81 cartons/pallet, totally 20 pallets
The above package is based on 100x100x100mm, other packages can be customized.
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Honeycomb Activated Carbon-product
Honeycomb Activated Carbon Packaging-o
Honeycomb Activated Carbon Packaging

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