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Pellet Activated Carbon for Ammonia Removal

March 27, 2024
Pellet activated carbon is often used in gas treatment, and its excellent adsorption properties make it the choice for effective ammonia removal. After impregnation with phosphoric acid, the pellet activated carbon reacts chemically with the ammonia, further enhancing the removal effect and making ammonia removal more efficient and reliable.

Harmful Effects of Ammonia(NH₃)

Ammonia is a colorless, toxic and harmful gas with an irritating bad odor. Its emission not only aggravates air pollution and affects air quality, but also leads to eutrophication of water bodies and disrupts the balance of water ecosystems. High concentrations of ammonia can also cause damage to crops and soil. In addition, ammonia is harmful to human health, causing damage to the respiratory tract, eyes and skin. Therefore, strengthening the control and treatment of ammonia emissions is an important step in protecting the environment and human health.

Pellet Activated Carbon Impregnated H₃PO₄

Pellet activated carbon has a huge surface area and rich microporous structure, providing it with excellent adsorption performance in both gas and liquid phase processing. It can effectively adsorb gaseous pollutants, including ammonia. Pellet activated carbon adsorbs ammonia into the pores through physical adsorption, reducing the concentration of ammonia in the air.
Phosphoric acid is acidic and can be neutralized with ammonia. In ammonia treatment, phosphoric acid is usually used to react with ammonia to form non-volatile substances for ammonia removal and conversion.
The pellet activated carbon adsorbs the ammonia into the pores, and the phosphoric acid reacts with the ammonia to remove and convert the ammonia efficiently, thus minimizing the hazards to the environment and human health. Phosphoric acid impregnated pellet activated carbon is commonly used in chemical plants, industrial gas treatment, wastewater treatment and livestock and poultry breeding industries to remove ammonia.
Pellet Activated Carbon for VOC Removal

Huamei Activated Carbon for Ammonia Removal

HMS-PZ20 Pellet Activated Carbon

Phosphoric Acid Content
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