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4mm Pellet Activated Carbon for Solvent Recovery to Turkey

August 25, 2023
On July 23rd, 66 tons of 4mm pellet activated carbon was shipped to Istanbul Port in Turkey, and now it has arrived at the port. Our customer runs a tape factory, and he purchased the pellet activated carbon for solvent recovery.

Detailed Information of the Project

HME-C80 4mm Pellet Activated Carbon
Toluene Recovery
10% max
5% max
Bulk Density
500kg/jumbo bag
Istanbul Port
Remark: HME-C80 4mm Pellet Activated Carbon is a new type of pellet activated carbon developed by Huamei Company for solvent recovery, with superior strength and absorption capacity.
activated carbon for solvent recovery-sample
pellet activated carbon-packaging-SR
pellet activated carbon-loading-SR

Huamei Pellet Activated Carbon

Problems Encountered by the Customer

When the customer discussed with our manager Anna, he mentioned that the solvent recovery effect of the activated carbon he had used before dropped sharply after two months, and after one year the breakage rate of the activated carbon was as high as 40%, resulting in frequent replacement of the activated carbon, which increased the customer's costs.
Our sales manager has been in the activated carbon industry for 6 years, and she told him that in solvent recovery, the stable adsorption capacity and excellent strength of activated carbon are crucial, otherwise it will lead to poor solvent recovery and the activated carbon will be easily broken!
SR-activated carbon-v

Good Solution to Solvent Recovery

Huamei activated carbon factory has developed a new type of activated carbon for solvent recovery. Our production technicians reformed both raw materials and manufacturing processes, blending and formulated a new type of wood-based raw material. By combining with the finest coal tar binder and refining the production techniques, we produce a special pellet activated carbon for solvent recovery.
Huamei activated carbon maintains its exceptional adsorption capacity even after three months of use, consistently showcasing excellent effect in recovering solvents such as toluene and hexane. With activated carbon hardness of up to 99%, the breakage rate is significantly reduced to 7-8% after one year. This extended lifespan enables usage of pellet activated carbon for three to four years, greatly reducing the need for frequent replacements. Therefore, it will considerably reduce the cost to the customer.
If you have such requirements for solvent recovery, please fill out the form below and we will reply to you within 2 hours.

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