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Powder Activated Carbon for Marine Collagen Decolorization Shipped to Iceland

December 20, 2023
Good news to share with you! 33.6 tons of of powdered activated carbon have been shipped from the port of Tianjin and arrived in Iceland. The customer purchased wood based powder activated carbon for marine collagen decolorization. His re-purchase is not only a high recognition of the quality of our activated carbon, but also a renewed trust in our product performance and service.

Detailed Information of Powder Activated Carbon

Wood Based Powder Activated Carbon
Fish Protein Purification
200 mesh
Iodine Value
1100 mg/g
Methylene blue
33.6 tons
20 kg/ bag with pallet
33.6 ton Powder Activated Carbon-Sample
33.6 ton Powder Activated Carbon-Packaging
33.6 ton Powder Activated Carbon-loading

Huamei Powder Activated Carbon

Good Solution to Marine Collagen Decolorization

Huamei Activated Carbon Company has produced a kind of powder activated carbon with wood as raw material for marine collagen decolorization: HMP-WS200 Powder Activated Carbon. It has good absorption capacity and low ash. It can removal the color, odour and toxic substance in the marine collagen. Additionally, our activated carbon meets the requirements of the Food Chemicals Codex.
Special-Activated Carbon for Marine Collagen Decolorization
If you have requirements for powder activated carbon for marine collagen decolorization, please fill out the form below and we will reply to you within 2 hours.
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