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Repeat Order:16 Ton Wood Powder Activated Carbon Shipped to Iceland

April 3, 2024
The customer from Iceland returned the order. This time he bought 16 tons of wood powder activated carbon for fish protein decolorization and purification. The customer's repurchase is a high recognition to the quality of our activated carbon.

Detailed Information of Powder Activated Carbon

Wood Based Powder Activated Carbon
Fish Protein Purification
200 mesh
Iodine Value
1100 mg/g
Methylene blue
16 tons
20 kg/ bag with pallet
33.6 ton Powder Activated Carbon-Sample
16 ton powder activated carbon-packaging
16 ton powder activated carbon to Iceland-container

Huamei Powder Activated Carbon

Good Solution to Marine Collagen Decolorization

HMP-WS™200 powder activated carbon is a kind of activated carbon manufactured from selected grades of wood, specially designed for marine collagen decolorization. Wood powdered activated carbon has highly developed pores, which makes it show excellent adsorption capacity in fish protein purification, removing pigments, and other impurities from marine collagen.
Special-Activated Carbon for Marine Collagen Decolorization
If you have requirements for powder activated carbon for marine collagen decolorization, please fill out the form below and we will reply to you within 2 hours.

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