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The Innovation of Huamei Activated Carbon For Water Treatment Filter

April 24, 2023

Why Research New Activated Carbon for Water Treatment?

Coal based granular activated carbon is widely used to produce drinking water cartridges, and its main principle is to remove impurities and pollutants from water through the adsorption of activated carbon. However, many activated carbon cartridges made in the market are prone to the problem of yellowish water and odor, which not only brings great trouble to activated carbon customers but also is a big problem for activated carbon manufacturers.

Reasons for Yellowing Water Quality

According to the previous knowledge of activated carbon, many manufacturers attribute the cause of yellowish water to the high iron content of activated carbon, which is proved by many experiments that iron content is only one of the minor causes. In addition to the screening of high quality coal with low ash, low sulfur, and low volatile matter, and the control of iron content, it is necessary to make changes in the production process to produce coal granular carbon for drinking water treatment filters.

Huamei Company Innovation Solution

Huamei Company has conducted in-depth research on this problem, made a breakthrough change in the production process, and achieved good results: During production, it is necessary to extract the gas and coal tar in the raw coal first, and then after the coal is carbonized, it is sprayed with water and then dried for activation and other treatments.
The following is a set of test photos of the new product and the previous activated carbon. From the pictures, it is obvious that the water on the far right is a little clearer.
carbon quality test
The production process is different from the past. Through this innovation, the activated carbon will have richer adsorption performance, lower iron content, and low ash and sulfur content to avoid secondary pollution of the water by the activated carbon itself, thus guaranteeing the water quality of the cartridge, ensuring clear water, no yellowing, no blackening, no odor, and better taste.
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