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What is Honeycomb Activated Carbon?

April 10, 2023

Brief Introduction Of Honeycomb Activated Carbon

Honeycomb activated carbon is a new type of eco-friendly activated carbon waste gas purification product, which can effectively reduce odor and pollutants. The main raw materials of this product are high grade coal activated carbon powder, high iodine value coconut shell activated carbon powder, super decolorized wood activated carbon powder, pressed by mold, high temperature activation, and burned into a honeycomb shape activated carbon, so it is called honeycomb activated carbon.

Key Specifications Of Honeycomb Activated Carbon

Specification (mm)
50*100*100 / 100*100*100 Customization
Iodine Absorb (mg/g)
Specific Surface Area (㎡/g)
CTC (%)
Compressive strength(mpa)
Moisture (%)
Square hole (in)2
100 150 200 300 400
Wall thickness (mm)
Temperature (℃)
Bulk Density g/cm3
Adsorption rate of benzene %
Dynamic adsorption≥37
Adsorption rate of benzene %
Static adsorption≥52
Empty tower wind speed
Pore Density
100 pores/square inch, 150 pores/square inch
Note: ①Our company has developed water-resistant honeycomb activated carbon by breakthrough. ②All the above specification indexes can be produced according to customers' requirements.

Honeycomb Activated Carbon VS Pellet Activated Carbon

1. Appearance: Honeycomb activated carbon is generally a porous cube with a large number of pores, which can be customized to different shapes and sizes according to customers' requirements; Pellet activated carbon is cylindrical with different specifications and lengths, which is not suitable for flexible customization.
2. Operation: Honeycomb activated carbon is simple and convenient to operate, it can be directly stacked and used, and it is easy to replace, if the gas concentration is large, a double-layer adsorption bed can be placed; Improper operation of pellet activated carbon can easily cause equipment blockage, and the replacement operation is very complicated.
3. Effect: Honeycomb activated carbon has well-developed pores and a large contact area, so the adsorption effect is naturally strong, and the pores help air circulation; Pellet activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity, but for a high concentration of gases, the amount of input needs to be increased to ensure the effect, so it is easy to block the pipeline, and the operation difficulty increases accordingly.
4. Packaging and transportation: Honeycomb activated carbon is a fragile product, so it should be handled carefully in the transportation process, and now Huamei Company uses a new type of packing box with strong hardness and high protection performance, which greatly reduces the damage rate of the product; Pellet activated carbon can be placed in jumbo bags and packing bags, which is convenient for transportation.
5. Price: The price of honeycomb activated carbon is more competitive than pellet activated carbon with the same raw materials.

Application Of Honeycomb Activated Carbon

After water-resistant treatment and secondary firing, honeycomb activated carbon has the characteristics of high strength, water resistance, strong acid, and alkali resistance, which can be widely used in wastewater treatment, organic solvent recovery adsorption, and carrier of various catalysts. Moreover, honeycomb activated carbon has a large specific surface area, small pore resistance, well-developed micropores, high adsorption capacity, long service life, etc. It can be widely used in various gas purification equipment and waste gas treatment projects. acidic and alkaline gases such as carbon tetrachloride, chlorine, benzene, formaldehyde, acetone, ethanol, methanol, ethyl acetate, styrene, phosgene, malodor, etc.

How to Select Honeycomb Activated Carbon Based on Size and Pore

Types of Honeycomb Activated Carbon

  1. Water resistance: it can be divided into water-resistant honeycomb activated carbon and non-water-resistant honeycomb activated carbon.
  2. Shape: it can be divided into conventional honeycomb activated carbon and irregular honeycomb activated carbon.
  3. Pore size: it can be divided into 100cpsi 150cpsi 200cpsi 300cpsi 400cpsi.

Is Honeycomb Activated Carbon with Large or Small Pores Better?

The size and shape of honeycomb activated carbon are to meet the needs of different industries and equipment, while the pore size of honeycomb activated carbon is to change the flow rate of gas through honeycomb activated carbon to meet environmental needs. The pore size distribution of honeycomb activated carbon is usually divided into large, small, and medium pores according to the number of pores per unit inch.
  1. 50 pore/square inch: The pore size is larger, generally about 3-4mm, this kind of pore gas resistance is small, suitable for large air volume, and the exhaust gas particles of harmful substances in the large processing environment, in improving the wind speed at the same time also improves the exposure area with the exhaust gas, to enhance the adsorption capacity of honeycomb activated carbon.
  2. 100 pores/square inch: The pore size is medium, adsorption capacity and speed are relatively smooth, and gas adsorption and gas resistance for most of today's gas treatment effects are good. It is suitable for air volume, with good adsorption performance and long use time, and is the conventional specification we often use, and the use environment of this specification is more concentrated.
  3. 150 pores/square inch: The pore size is small, and this type of honeycomb activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity, but the gas resistance is also relatively large. It is suitable for the exhaust gas environment where the wind speed and air volume are low, because of the small pore size, which is suitable for the environment where the exhaust gas emission has passed the purification treatment of dust particles, but the odor has not been removed.

Advantages and Features of Our Honeycomb Activated Carbon

  • CTC can reach up to 80 or more.
  • Huamei Company supports impregnation with special chemicals to improve the absorption performance of different exhaust gases.
  • We have various available molds such as 100cpsi, 150cpsi, 200cpsi, 300cpsi, and 400cpsi and we can custom the size according to your requirements.
  • Dimensional accuracy can be controlled to a tolerance of ±0.2mm.
  • Our grinding process is mature, and the product edge is smooth.
  • A unique production process ensures low ash content of honeycomb activated carbon.
  • Mother and child type packaging box, beautiful and high-grade and strong protection performance.

Notes On the Use of Honeycomb Activated Carbon

When using honeycomb activated carbon, try to avoid high temperature, because high temperature will reduce the adsorption capacity, and the adsorption effect will be reduced due to the rise of temperature, at the same time, avoid the high dust content in the gas, because tar and dust mist will block the fine pores of activated carbon, increase the wind resistance and reduce the adsorption effect. In this case, a dust filter should be installed in front of the honeycomb activated carbon, in order to improve the material rate and service life.

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