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Activated Carbon for Cigarette Filter

Activated carbon is a porous and highly adsorbent material. With its developed micropores and large specific surface area, it can effectively adsorb and filter harmful chemicals and odours in the air. Adding activated carbon to cigarette filters is an effective way to reduce many toxic substances in tobacco smoke.

Parameters of Activated Carbon for Cigarette Filters

Activated carbon used for cigarette filter should have excellent adsorption capacity, which can effectively adsorb harmful chemicals and odours in tobacco smoke. Selecting activated carbon with high specific surface area and rich microporous structure can improve the adsorption efficiency. Huamei Company offers different grades of coconut shell granular activated carbon for cigarette filters and the removal of toxic gases from tobacco smoke.
Activated Carbon for Cigarette Filters
Raw material: coconut shell charcoal
Mesh: 12x40, 30x60 mesh
Iodine: 1000IV-1200IV
CTC: 50%-65%
Surface Area: 1050-1300m^2/g
Hardness: 98%(min)
Application: Cigarette Filters
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Advantages of Huamei Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is essential for the application of cigarette cartridges, its microporous structure effectively adsorbs harmful chemicals and odours. It can reduce the harmful effects on the body when breathing tobacco smoke.

High Absorption Capacity

Tobacco smoke contains many harmful substances, such as tar, carbon monoxide, heavy metals and so on. Huamei activated carbon has a high adsorption capacity, which can effectively adsorb these substances and reduce them from entering the smoker's lungs.

Well-developed Microporous

Huamei activated carbon takes coconut shell carbon as raw material, with developed pore structure, which makes it have huge surface area and enhances its adsorption capacity.

Low ash

Coconut shell granular activated carbon has the characteristics of clean and low ash, which is not easy to produce ash at high temperatures, maintains its adsorption performance and prolongs the service life of the filter cartridge.


Huamei activated carbon has strong stability, which enables it to adsorb harmful substances without losing its adsorption capacity or releasing more harmful substances.

High strength

High strength activated carbon can maintain its shape and structure in the face of the pressure and smoke flow of burning tobacco, thus maintaining the stability and durability of its effect.


What is your MOQ?
Our MOQ is 3 tons. If below 3 tons, we will also provide you with a customized solution that is best suitable for your needs.
How long is the delivery time of activated carbon?
Usually, 7-10 days will be enough. 
Can samples be provided?
Yes, we support customers’ business and can provide customers with free samples.
How to guarantee the quality of activated carbon?
We pay great attention to the quality of our products and have obtained the ISO certificate. Before the goods leave the factory, we provide a factory inspection report (COA), and support third-party inspections, such as SGS, BV.
What kind of packaging do you have? Is customization supported?
20kg/bag; 25kg/bag; 500kg/jumbo bag, etc. We also support customized packaging, or printing the customer's brand on the bag.

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