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Air pollution is mainly caused by human activities, such as industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust, land clearing and burning, forest fires, smoke (including roadside barbecues) and dust (including construction sites) which are the main sources of air pollution. Harmful substances released from these activities enter the atmosphere and not only cause direct harm to the environment, but also pose a potential threat to human health. The higher the concentration of harmful substances in the atmosphere, the heavier the pollution and the greater the harm. Among the many ways to control air pollution, activated carbon plays an important role. As an excellent adsorption material, activated carbon can efficiently adsorb and remove harmful substances in the air, including organic gases, odors and particles.

Activated Carbon for Air Purification

Activated carbon is an adsorbent with a highly porous structure. These tiny pores and surface area provide a large number of adsorption sites, which help to adsorb harmful gases in the air, such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia. Organic waste gas treatment refers to the adsorption, filtration and purification of organic waste gases generated during industrial production. Industrial waste gas treatment activated carbon, solvent recovery activated carbon is refined from anthracite as raw material, it is a black, cylindrical or granular, odourless, non-toxic adsorbent, with high strength, developed pore structure, large specific surface area, fast adsorption speed, high adsorption capacity, easy to regenerate, durable and environmentally friendly.
activated carbon for solvent recovery-sample
Activated Carbon Pore Size Distribution

Advantages of Activated Carbon for Air Purification

Long service life, adsorption and desorption repeated use.
High adsorption and desorption capacity, greatly improving the solvent recovery rate.
High strength, low ash content, reasonable pore size distribution.
Cost-effective, suitable for places with organic gas recovery.
High ignition point for safe use, strong separation capacity and recovery performance.
Activated carbon is mainly used to treat waste and solvents for adsorption and recovery in industrial production processes such as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, electronic components, plastic printing, coatings, films, adhesive products, high-grade waxed paper, fibres, plastics, leather and so on. Compared with traditional granular or powder activated carbon, column activated carbon has more significant advantages. It not only improves the filtration efficiency, but also significantly reduces the cost of use.

Huamei Activated Carbon for Gas Purification

The activated carbon currently produced by Huamei Company covers a wide range of air treatment areas, including VOC treatment carbon, special carbon for oil hoods, biogas desulphurization carbon, air filtration carbon, odor adsorption carbon, and special gas adsorption carbon.
Air Purification-VOCs Treatment

VOC Removal

Air Purification-Biogas Treatment

Biogas Purification

Air Purification-Flue Gas Treatment

Flue Gas Treatment

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